Hypoglycemic unawareness

lately i have been running kind of low (45-65) yet i have had no symptoms whatsoever. I feel fine but when i test, my BG is extremely low, any ideas on how i can address this

I have slightly improved my hypo unawareness by trying harder to minimize lows. I still don’t get any of the symptoms that I used to, but I now feel them a little sooner than I did before. Still hoping for more progress so I don’t need to rely on cgm so much. I’ve become more sensitive to highs though.

Usually, letting your bg’s run a little higher for a while will correct this.

I agree. Up your Target BG and let hem run a bit higher for a bit. This helps in many cases to feel your hypo symptoms again.

When you run low for a while you tend not to feel the low until you are really low. Not a good thing !! You need to let your BS run a little higher ( around 100). When you do this for a while, you will then feel the low again. Be sure to test more frequently while you don’t feel the low you don’t want to go into a dangerously low level.

Welcome to my world. :frowning:

I have heard as well to run bgs a bit higher, but that is hard to keep steady sometimes as well.

Symptoms seem to keep changing for me, but they are very vague, don’t have the shake rattle and roll any longer.

If you really tune into your body you will realize you have symptoms they are just not as severe. I have to test my bloodsugar constantly with any odd feeling. (always testing, I always feel odd.)

I had this when I was on the wrong type of insulin - I was on “human” insulins and they were too strong for me. I was hypoing up to 6 times a day - that was in the days when I did what I was told, to the letter.

I became hypo unaware and while sitting on a font in a local church dealing with yet another hypo, a stranger came up to me and asked me if I was on human insulin. Long story short, he put me in touch with a group called Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust, based in the UK, but I believe they have gone interntational now. They sent me their welcome pack. Basically they campaign for patient choice and highlight the dangers of these human insulins.

After a long fight I managed to get on to the more natural, Pork insulin. That improved things a lot, but I am still left with hypo unawareness, caused by the human insulin.

I had to change hospitals - now have to travel 45 miles each way on a bus, but they are far better and more tuned up than my local, and they have advised running my sugars a bit higher for the next few months to see if there is more awareness.

I cannot say that we have had a lot of success yet, but we are only 3 months in, but I have noticed symptoms at 4.5 mmols rather than 1.2!!! I NEVER had symptoms before at 4 or even 3 or even 2, so I guess that is progress. Wonder if it would work with you but speak to your doctor first.