Hypos and Low Blood Pressure

Went to see my CDE yesterday and had a 52 on the way there, which I treated. BG was in normal range when I was routinely tested at the appointment. But my blood pressure was low… 95/55. Normally my blood pressure is in the normal range. Was this due to the hypo I’d had?

Hypoglycemia can stimulate a rise in blood pressure when it first sparks an adrenalin release and then, after it is treated, the blood pressure will fall. In severe hypoglycemia when the patient is unconscious, the blood pressure can be very low. Many long-term diabetics have persistent hypotension as a result of autonomic neuropathy.

Well, I’ve had zillions of lows over the course of the last 40 years, and my bp is NORMAL. Not high; not low. It’s “right on the money”.

So you are saying that the low blood pressure can be a complication? My blood pressure has always been right on. But I must admit that I have never checked it after a hypo. New one on me!

But Dave, have you ever had your blood pressure checked right after a hypo? I never have until now. And my BP has always been right on also.

I’m not sure if I have, but next time, if I think of it, I’ll check and report.