Hypos during honeymoon?

So, I’m pretty firmly in my honeymoon now - all I’m taking in terms of insulin is 5U Lantus at night. This AM, my blood sugar was lower than normal - 98 instead of the usual 110-125, but my 2 hour post for breakfast was in the 50s! (even did it 3 times to confirm). What the heck is that about? I was having a lot of readings in the 70s, so I cut from 6U to 5U, but this is the lowest I’ve been, even before the honeymoon really kicked in but good.

– Dov

Wow Dov. This is strange. It seems that your body is over-reacting to the breakfast (producing more insulin than needed). There are two “waves” of insulin produced by your body after you eat. It’s possible that you are not making enough insulin in the first phase, going high, then you second phase insulin is too much (this is just a guess…).

You should try measuring your blood sugar 45-60 minutes after eating as well. Might give a better picture of what is going on. I would mention this to your doctor as well. If it happens again, I would call them.

Did you feel the low? Shakiness or other symptoms?

That’s what made it strange - this is the first time I’ve felt no symptoms of a hypo (except perhaps sweatiness - but I was also running late for a meeting and moving pretty fast.)

I detailed in another discussion my screwy mixed meal challenge results which suggest some sort of second-phase over-correction, but decreasing the Lantus seemed to have gotten things back in order.

Oh, you silly pancreas . . . .

Dropped my Lantus 1U last night, fasting was 110, and my 2 hour post was “only” 69. Grrrr . . . .

My endo seems to like to run the Lantus high to protect the beta cells, but . . . .

Oh well, should probably give the dude a call.

Now down to 3 units of Lantus, fasting sugars are coming in between 85-105, and my 2 hour posts are pretty consistently 84-87, with a few random 90s thrown in for good measure. Spoke to the endo, and his advice was basically stay on the Lantus but reduce the dose as necessary, and see what happens.

A few days ago I was stuck at a lecture and did finger sticks every 30 minutes for 2.5 hours after a meal with appx 30 g. carbs. Sugars went:
:30 post – 109
1:00 post – 112
1:30 post – 120
2:00 post – 89
2:30 post – 79
3:30 post – 82

This is apparently a 100% normal blood sugar curve.

Confusing, wot?

Hi Dov, Read all your comments and I went through the same exact situation as you this last spring.
I was diagnosed with type 1 in late Jan this year. I started the honeymoon a couple weeks after diagnoses.

You may even be on less insulin after a while & for a long while. I was on 1 unit for 6 months…and for most of that time I required no fast acting with meals. When I first got out of the hospital from the high sugars I was on 12 units of long acting and on a sliding scale of fast acting with meals. I gradually reduced the insulin over time.
I found that regular exercise and a low carb diet has helped the honeymoon last (my personal theory) and it’s easier to manage the craziness of the changes.

It’s very frustrating. The best advice I can give is if you can stick to a routine with the foods your eating and daily exercise then you can have a feel for the changes. I also check my sugars often to keep track of the situation. It makes me feel more in control.

Now my insulin requirments are increasing… I’m on 3 units and I think I’ll take 4 tonight to see how it goes. Anyhow I know how you feel…it’s difficult and frustrating…but if your on it you’ll figure it out.

Best of luck!

Hi, Nadia –

Yah, I’m down to somewhere between 1-2 units of Lantus. Still having perfectly normal posts, and more or less normal fastings (I have a cold, so they’re a bit high, but not HIGH high.)

It also seems that I can eat more carbs now than I could when honeymoon started without spiking high. Since this is coupled with abou 45 pounds of weight loss and (more or less) frequent exercise, we’re suspecting that I’m more of a LADA or some sort of screwy type II. Who knows?

Thanks for the good wishes!

– Dov


My god, this situation is exactly what’s happening to me now. On 6 units of lantus a night. Nothing during the day. Experienced a few hypos, low 80s and 70s – inbetween meals. I’m eating a good amount of carbs a day too. I mean 75 at breakfast, 60 at lunch 30 afternoon snack, 75 at dinner and a snack at night of 30 grams as well.

I’m probably dropping down to 5 units tonight to see what happens.

Anyways, I see it’s been over a year since this post, what’s the newest? Are you “honeymooning” or have they changed your diagnosis.

I’m supposed to start on an insulin pump March 2nd, so I’m trying to find any information regarding my situation as possible.