Late honeymoon phases?

So to start. I’ve had type 1 since the end of February. Pretty much started on 20 of lantus in the AM, 3 lantus in the PM. I found Dr. Bernstein right of the bat and have been following his plan. I have been using small amounts of lispro with meals (.5-2u) depending. Last 2 a1c’s have been 5.2% and 5% (was 11.1 at diagnosis).

Since mid October I’ve been having more random lows. Needing more sugar tabs. Then after more and more lows and sugar I decided to cut back. I have been reducing lantus daily until today I’ve taking 12 units two days in a row and no nightly lantus either I have completely stopped my lispro. So I’ve basically cut it in half.

Needless to say it has got me completely freaked out! I assume it’s for worse reasons and not something simple as a honeymoon… I guess since it’s 7-8 months after I started insulin I am just freaked out.

Has anyone else out there experienced similar events?

im almost four years in and they started me on 15 units of lantus with sliding scale 5 units of novolog for each meal. i found this site and decided to restrict carbs a bit, eating about 75 or 100 a day.
my honeymoon must have kicked in after a week or so after starting insulin and i went down to 2 units of lantus a day at my lowest, with no fast acting if i ate low carb and exercised.
i have found that in the years ive had D, i need less, then more, then less, then more again. this summer i was down to 8 units of levemir, i think because of the heat here in spain. then i went to england for august and it went up to 13 units and im still at 13 now-disappointing, liked being in the single digits! there are so many things that can make our needs vary: heat, stress, cold, illness, menstrual cycle...
i dont think im still honeymooning after four years, but i still only take 12 levemir (switched from lantus), which is supposed to be a little weaker than lantus, and i try to exercise right after i eat so i dont take fast acting.

im sure its not for worse reasons, but you could always talk to a trusted health prof if you want reassurance. im always so happy when my insulin needs go down, thought the going low for a couple of days for no good reason can be troublesome!

awesome a1c by the way!

I was in dka at diagnosis, I started on 28 units on lantus and reduced quickly to around 10, 2.5 years later to about 8-9 units levemir split dose. It is not unusual to need a lot less than at diagnosis. I need much higher bolus for meals and struggle with dp and a lot of fluctuations though, so consider yourself lucky that what you're doing is working for you! I would just keep reducing your doses as needed. Activity plays a big role too and unfortunately on mdi we can't adjust basal to help with that. I do have days where I know it's going to be one of those run low or run high days but there is no logic to it.

Yeah I keep a log on all my sugars and foods. This is today. I use a Freestyle Freedom Lite

0545- FSBS 105 BB
12 lantus

0750- FSBS 115 AB
(Wearing off?)

1150- FSBS 92

1255- FSBS 70 (?)

1455- FSBS 129
FSBS 128
.5 lispro

1615- FSBS 85
1/2 tab sugar

1700- FSBS 89
1/2 tab

1820- FSBS 77
1 tab

I just don’t get the last few hours…

Getting frustrated :frowning:

Hi Bill,

I had to chuckle when I saw your numbers.. they're essentially perfect, not to make lite of you being frustrated but I would be quite happy with those numbers, lol. I guess not if I were going low from your lower numbers though, is that what is happening here? Just try to keep reducing your basal and see if this helps- before exercise I will eat something to boost bg and then let myself drop. You may have had very mild dp at 115 I doubt it could be wearing off 2 hours later but who knows for sure?

I think what you're experiencing is not unusual with a T1/LADA diagnosis. I'm three years in and still use only 7 units of Levemir (4 night, 3 morning). I didn't need any basal until 18 months after diagnosis. My I:C is about 1:10 in the morning and lunch, and 1:15 or so in the evening. It sounds like it may have taken a few months for your surviving beta cells to catch up and now they're really helping you out.


For some reason the immune attack on your pancreas has probably slowed down. Don't freak, be glad.

I am also in a similar boat, for some reason currently at 6.5 years past diagnosis, finding I can greatly reduce my insulin doses these days (well most days - some days I go higher than expected and have to do corrections.... but anyway). IN the past, during pregnancy I was up to 100 units of insulin a day at peak, non-pregnant my peak insulin dosing was about 30 units per day (MDI). My current dose is now down to about 15 units/day (10 - 18 range). I am now only taking my levermir at night (down to about 12 units most nights now).... not taking any daytime insulin (so long as I'm eating low carb). If I do eat carbs I still dose rapid acting....

Today skipped breakfast except for a cup of coffee and cream (I'm doing intermittent fasting), lunch was mixed veges (non-starchy) and pork, plus a small mug of coffee...and I just tested my blood sugar now 3 hours after lunch and it's 89, with no dosing of fast acting.

My most recent Hba1c was 5.1, which is one of my best ever since diagnosis.

Kind of makes me doubt I have diabetes.... but then I do a splurge on a donut or 2, or eat some rice and my blood sugar goes over 200, so I guess I do have it...

For adult onset following low carb I think your experience is not unusual.... long may it continue....

I guess the take home message (for me anyway), is stick with the low carb as much as possible, don't be shy to use insulin if and when required (to avoid highs), and test frequently enough to catch if any funny business is going on....

Oh, I have recently increased my thyroid meds (I was running on the low side of normal and wanted to pump FT3 and 4 up to at least middle to upper 1/3 of range) - maybe that too will play a role???

It’s frustrating but I’m trying to except it as a good thing.

It was just very un-nerving (and still is somewhat) to cut my basal in half in a week and basically stop all fast acting…

What you are describing sure sounds a lot like what my honeymoon was and what they told me at my diagnosis, that the honeymoon was going to be. For me it was greatly reduced doses, most of a year after diagnosis, and at the peak of the honeymoon there was a week or two where I probably didn't need any insulin at all (but was still taking really tiny doses, just a unit or two, as urged by my docs).

I understand it being un-nerving to cut that much so quickly but it is definitely a good thing if you're needing less insulin. Lets hope you get it worked out soon and have less lows through the day.