...if your sensor still happens to be functioning properly after, say, 14 days, is there a reason to remove it or would you just leave it in until it craps out?

Just went 19 days before the sensor started giving bad readings (off by 100pts) No issues when I changed it, although I was a little nervous what I would find under the tape.

I dont see any reason to kill it if you are not uncomfortable. If the accuracy seems on, in fact, I have found that with some sesors, for some reason, it almost seemed the longer I went with it (and I have only gone the longest for 10 days) the more accurate it seemed to get. I spoke with a Dex rep about that, and she sort of just “brushed me off”. I know that Bryan is correct, also, i have heard many folks say they have gone for 13-14 days without switching out. in summary…I say LET IT GO! iN THE WORDS OF J. LENNON…LET IT BE! In the words of YES…LEAVE IT! In the words of Steve D…DONT CHANGE IT UNTIL IT IS ITCHING THE HELL OUT OF YOU (This is a song that is bound to be a #1 soon)

Heh im lucky if i get 8 days out of a sensor before its peeling off and itching…

Best so far is 10 days…

I leave it. Technically I think the longer it’s in the more likely it is to cause infection and scarring but… I leave it anyway.

I take it out when the 14th day expires, even though my typical lifespan used to be 16-18 days.

For me, the extra days (which only provide a 15-29% savings in Sensor costs) just aren’t worth the risk of it going bad when I’m away from home, or during the night. And at day 14, I’m stuck with two hours of “no readings” anyway. So I change it right then.

I agree with Ricks29. At the end of the 2nd cycle i insert a new one. I’ve gotten over 20 days with a single sensor, but I’d rather have the certainty of a reliable # and a sensor that won’t crap out on me without notice. I don’t have any skin irriation problems or my answer might be different.

I have them lasting 21 days now by using the upper butt area, I use the clear tape I think it is the op-site and it shows no sign of wear in that location…

I also am very active, 2 spin classes a week and no issues…

Wow, It’s amazing how many days people are getting out of one sensor. Al I know is Matisol is good.

Thanks for all of the responses!

Second Rickst29 and David, I restart the sensor only once and change it at day 14.

Sometimes I might install the new sensor a day before the 14th, so that the new sensor “settles” in better and when I move the transmitter, the readings will probably be more accurate due to the added 24 hours for healing of the small wound due to the insertion.

Ciao, Luca

Recently the FDA has come down on DexCom for suggesting practices outside the documented FDA approved applications. Therefore, at this time it is not reasonable to expect DexCom support people to answer questions relating to extended use, non standard sensor placement or use with very young children.

On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent individual users from sharing their experiences. For me, the majority of sensors have lasted beyond 14 days. It takes a special awareness to recognize just when the sensors reach the end of their life. My experience is that after a period of accurate readings the readings will become erratic, show the ??? for an extended period or just report “failed.”

As I have noted before, there is considerable variation in people’s sensitivity to the adhesive and the small puncture from insertion of the sensor probe. Each user should examine the site when the sensor is removed to see if there are adverse reactions. Personally, I am lucky that my body accepts the adhesive and the probe very well. Originally, I was aprehensive about using the sensors beyond the seven day period. I started to experiment and found that FOR ME 14 days was a good cut off as the sensors seemed to fail soon after. However, I did leave a few sensors in until they stopped providing useable information. When doing this, I did not suffer any site discomfort, reaction to the adhesive or abnormal redness around the puncture site.

I’m sorry…what is Matisol?

Err, mispelled. Mastisol, liquid adhesive.


I agree…the adhesive seems to fail at about 7 days if you do not reinforce it. I am experimenting w/ different adhesive barriers to get it to last longer and minimize itching. Usually, mine will fail because eventually they pull out a tad and I feel the probe. Maybe they will make some changes to the adhesive to get better wear out of them. Hate to spend lots of extra money to keep them on, although it is to extend the life of the sensor;)

How do you put them in:)

For me, Opsite FlexiFix tape works way better than Mastisol did. It’s very popular around here. (Use the “search” tool at the upper right corner to find posts about it.) I use a strip slightly longer and wider than the Sensor pad, so that it holds the Dexcom pad edges in place. And protects them, of course.

When the entire Dexcom pad is held in place by FlexiFix cover-up, it doesn’t move – and the key to long Sensor life is keeping the wire absolutely motionless within your skin. Like most people, I cut a donut hole in the middle for the Transmitter assembly. That allows the tape to be completely flat – with no air gaps or folds.

It costs a lot. (IIRC, about $40, after shipping, for the 4" roll.) But it’s 33 feet long, so that’s only about 40 cents per Sensor.

“Skin-Prep”, which is ***NOT !!! *** the same thing as “I.V. Prep”, helps all kinds of tapes and pads last longer. Same company, Smith and Nephew, and the box looks almost identical, and you will not find either of these in a drugstore. Again, the search tool is your friend for instructions.

I have never, ever had a Sensor come loose or mover around with this combination. BTW, to create really good protection from water intrusion (for snorkeling or SCUBA), you could probably put another piece of FlexiFix on top of the Sensor assembly, taping across the donut-hole and partway into the original piece. I’ll SWAG that this would work for a full hour at twenty feet, and double layers (also covering more of the original tape area) could handle an hour at 30-40 feet.

Also to keep the sensor fresh and mostly dry if your not taping over it, I’v found that you can use Glad’s Press and Seal wrap… its not perfect but keeps the sensor a bit dryer, esp in a shower… press and seal it to your skin,=)
Sensor adhesive peeling is usually the problem :wink:

(think i read it in one of Bernard’s posts,re Press and Seal wrap ;))

Yes! I use the Press and Seal Wrap everyday…and it works fine! Occasionally (for some reason) I’ll buy the protector covers that Dexcom sells directly, but it is far less expensive to just use the Glad press& Seal.

What a great idea! Will try this.