What is your personal record for wearing a Dexcom sensor?

I just started day 21 on the same sensor, and its really hit a sweet spot on accuracy, and I haven't even developed an itch. I'm wondering how long it will go.

So, 21 days and counting is my new record. What's yours?

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9 days.. By then im itching like mad and want to rip the thing out and throw it across the room...

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I have had up to 20 days before on a really good sensor. This for me is rare and most sensors shut off after 14-16 days for me. Once I start getting the ??? more than once an hour I usually pull the sensor the next chance I get. I would rather choose the time to start my next one than let it quit in the middle of the work day.

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23 days is my record, but only once, in my upper arm. It's not that unusual to get a few days more than 2 weeks. They seem to get more and more accurate until they finally crash.

Good luck with yours! Where is it?

I have been through three sensors (a new Dex user)... the first was a week (I went to training and they made me take it off), the second was 14 days, and the third was two days (I nicked a blood vessel and was getting quite a bruise.) Now on sensor number four, two days and counting, but I am aiming for a minimum of 14. A word of caution to those getting sensors through insurance: if your order quantity drops, you may not get a full order when you re-fill. That is the case with a friend who has the same insurance plan as I have. My dilemma is whether to change sensors when I don't really need to, or keep my order quantity up.

6 months! Of course it didn't actually work after the 13th day.

I rarely can go more than 10 days. It is interesting that some people can go much longer than others -- maybe it is the site. I use my abdomen - maybe other sites are better.

I also can only go 2 to 3 days on a infusion set before I want to rip it out (not from the tape itching, but from the discomfort under the skin. Maybe some people just have less sensitive epidermis.

It is interesting that is always seems more accurate in week 2 than week 1.


14 days! Gotta love Opsite Flexifix.

Can't you just continue to order at the same quantity & stock pile?

Sure you could... I did that with infusion sets... but after a while I ran out of space, and I would have to live forever to use them all up! I don't plane to go overboard with my Dex supplies... having a few ahead is ok but when it gets to months' worth, count me out.

You can but keep in mind unlike pump supplies these sensors have a very short shelf life. I ordered a box in July and they box expires in Feb 2013. So at best you have 6-7 months. I remember when they first came out they would only last 3-4 months. if you ordered a 3 month supply you were really pushing it.

Is that a liquid barrier like skintac? You got a link to a supplier? I'd be interested to maybe try it if it does not interfere with the sensor itself. Currently that is the problem with skintac. You have to leave a small area for the sensor to stick into your skin untreated.

Flexifix is a essentially medical tape, not a liquid barrier. I use it too. You can find it on Amazon.

It lasted two more days, so my record is 23.

27 days.

I'm not sure if I'm missing something. I've been using Dexcom CGM for 3 months now. At day 7, the dexom reciever sounds an alert to change sensor-which I dutifully do. If my sensor is not having issues, can I just keep it inserted and restart the receiver? I'm not usually this naive, but didn't realize the sensor life could just be continued rather than wasting it, and my money, by changing it every 7 days, regardless of its performance. I really hope someone responds and confirms. I could really use the saved money and reduce the hassle of changing the sensor needlessly. Being that I am changing my Omnipod every 3 days, as well (but that's a whole other issue).

John S.

You can go past the 7 days by using the Stop Sensor feature of your receiver... then wait a moment or two to turn it back on (Start Sensor). You will need to do the two fingersticks as if it was a new sensor, but unless you are having pain or bruising around the site, you are good to go. Good luck... my record is 21 days thus far!

Thanks for the info. This is the first time I'm looking forward to hearing the 'Change Sensor' alarm. Hopefully, soon i can rank up there with the record holders in sensor life.
John S.

I just got 19 days out of a sensor before it started going screwy. Gotta second all the recommendations for Flexifix and SkinTac. Works great!

I've found that American Diabetes Wholesale had the best prices. If anyone finds better deals, let me know. My insurance company will pay for 8 sensors a month, but refuses to pay for Flexifix, Skin Prep wipes, or the adhesive remover wipes. Go figure.