Hypothyroidism, A secret killer....The cause of diabetes

First, I like to write that I missed everyone while away from the site. Second, I hope everyone had a blast during the holidays.

Now, I have been in the first part doing some advocating in action, for causes of diabetes, sickle cell foundation, the homeless, and for children all while I have been hurting with my lungs and the rib bones. I finally went to a different hospital for a diagnois as to why I’m hurting so bad to were I couldn’t get out of bed one morning.

That morning was Christmas. I was suppose to help deliver Xmas gifts to my stepdaughter and to her son. Than deliver some more gifts to the boy across the street who has celbal palsy. I couldn’t make it to either of them, I husband did the deliveries alone. When came back, we were suppose to go to my grandmother’s house for Xmas…couldn’t make it either. Instead a trip to the hospital.

Confirmed that I have Reactive Airway disease. This hurts like crazy, every time I breath it hurts. The only strength I have is to go to work overnight and than care for the old couple I care for 3x’s a week 5 hours a day. The pain has gotten worse to were its bothering the other ailment I have. I have a hernia in my esophegous. (Can’t spell it right) The hernia is getting larger and after 8 years of suffering, it’s time for the surgery.

Recently found out from the doctors that I became diabetic from having hypothyroidism. They tell me my hypothyroid attacked my pancreas. A nurological thing. There’s a name for this disease, cause all together I’m almost deaf got 20% hearing left in both ears. Had two corpal tunnal releases done on both hands. They say my hypothyroid did that too. Had gall bladder and tonsils removed. Those are natural.

Unfortunatly, my daughter has hypoparathyroid, hearing loss 60% one ear and 70% other, is anemic. I’m the only one out of 6 family members who has hypothyroid and hearing loss that is diabetic. So hopefully, by seeing the specialist he or she can get the measures done by preventing my daughter from becoming diabetic. That’s the next diagnois, the name of it and the measures to prevent other ailments from happening to my daughter and to myself.

Of course, spread the word to you’ all as well. All this is driving me crazy cause I get closer and closer to the missing link what’s been causing all this pain of endurment. For my birthday on Jan the 29th, I want to be pain free. But the surgery has me scared, to open my chest for a period of time to do the surgery. What about the healing part. With the diabetes.

I must have faith in this. To be able to breathe right, to move around with no problems, and to have that wedding of mines. I know I’ll make it. I have to. I have so much unfinished business here, I have to make it.

I’ll blog about the upcoming doctor appts and the diagnoises made. And the medicine to prevent or slow down future ailments. I promise this won’t slow me down, have to stay tough. Cause we are all tough, right.

Yeah, I have Hypothyroidism and it does cause a whole host of things… It did cause carpal tunnel in both of my arms, hair loss, dry skin, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, insulin resistance, acanthosis nigricans, you name it… and now I have Diabetes. All of these are endocrine illnesses related to each other, in some way, or another. I read a book a long time ago, on how the thyroid affects women, and thyroid illnesses in women. It was very, very thorough and helpful. I believe it was this one: http://www.amazon.com/Thyroid-Sourcebook-Women-Sourcebooks/dp/0071441611/ref=dp_ob_title_bk, but I can’t remember for sure… I read a LOT of thyroid books when I was diagnosed.

Thanks Lizmari! I will certainly look into this cause the doctor mentioned a name for the disease. I need him to write it down as well. I too have hair loss, dry skin, and my periods are so messed up. I’ll get the name of it from the doctor, Just can’t seem to concentrate right now. Thanks.

Good luck to you, Patti. We will all be rooting for you. Too blessed to be stressed, right?

Patti, have they prescribed synthroid for you? After a major surgery my thyroid was out of wack and I had similar symptoms. Was tested and started synthroid, helped to balance things out and am doing better. Had aches and pains, hot flashes and very tired…wish you the best on the surgery!

I take Levothyroxin, which is the generic of Synthroid. Synthroid is quite expensive, especially, if you don’t have any insurance and are dealing with other diabetic costs. Levothyroxin is just $4 a monthly dose.

OMG Patti - I can’t believe what you are going thru’! Glad to see that you are a tough cookie like many of us here. I try to laugh my way thru’ my health issues I’ve had over the years - it’s the only way to stay on top - but don’t feel bad if you aren’t always happy happy happy. Just hang in there, and keep us posted on how you are doing. I’m gong to print up what you wrote, and talk to some of my diabetic mates about you tomorrow night.

Actually been diagnoised with hypothyroidism since 1994 when I also went off the road into a ditch when I fell asleep on the wheel. Went to see the doctor as to why I was falling asleep early in the morning around 10 am. That’s when he found out about the thyroid problem. I’ve been taking levothyroxin since than.

What I’m writing about is the aftermath of the disease. To educate about it. I have since learned that my thyroid might have been my problem since birth. First diagnois is my hearing loss, but didn’t find out about my thyroid problem till I was about 25.

By this time, hearing is getting worse and I had corpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. Surgery did help release the c p tunnel, but no surgery can help my hearing cause it’s nerve deafness. It’s seems it’s a nurological disease all together with hearing loss, thyroid problems, carpal tunnel, and diabetes.

Were I’m getting at is that I’m trying to save my daughter and my grandson from going thru what I’m going thru…diabetes. There is a med to try and prevent other ailments from happening but I won’t find out till my daughter goes to the doctor next Wednesday.

I guess what I’m trying to say also is that I’m researching into this as much as I can. I am posting my findings here so that anyone who has the same ailments can seek the doctor for medical attention on this unique finding.

Thanks for the input. And again…Too blessed to be stressed.

Thanks for updating us, Patti. The connection between afflictions is so interesting.