I always feel like I am being graded

Every time I test my bloodsugar I feel like I am being graded.

You’re right! And every time it’s over 150 I feel like I’ve failed. If it’s 200 I’ve flunked. Funny though, I don’t feel like I’ve failed if it’s low… It’s different. And when I take my print out in to my Doctor and he’s looking it over, I’m waiting for the red pen to come out and he’ll start putting big red X’s on all the “wrong” answers!!!

yes, yes, yes, exactly

ooooo and I go to the endo next week I never changed the time (daylight savings) on my meter, so everything he downloads will be so screwed and so will I (flunk, flunk, flunk)

I don’t think I changed mine!!! Although… I don’t think I changed it in the fall so I guess I’m OK now! :slight_smile:


Funny…I feel the same. Graded, judged and condemned! LOL (when my A1C is higher) Its funny because my doctor doesn’t really do that (or at least not that I can see it or she has a good way of hiding it) Waiting is like I’m on pins and needles…But it also feel so proud and vindicated when my A1C shows great improvement… maybe I’m just paranoid here LOL

Look at it like the show deal or no deal instead of open the case check the bgL :slight_smile:

Hi Karen,

Maybe you could just take your diabetes class for S/U grading (satisfactory/unsatisfactory)? Does your teacher provide extra credit points, say for candies avoided? Maybe that will help bring your grade up.


I forgot to change the time on my pump/meter too. When I remembered, and changed it, I did it just right (wrong) so that I rolled it back a full day, so that I had 2 days worth of meter readings and insulin does for day 1, then almost no data for day 2.

Mike, I see you took 70 units on insulin on Saturday and 4 on Sunday? Are you an idiot?!



Cheers, Mike

I agree, and it seems like my BGs are always higher when i see my doctor. White coat syndrome. Anxiety

I don’t test my bloodsugars. I check them. Just like I check the fuel gauge in my car. There is the occasion that I forget to check my fuel and run out of gas (only once in my life - my father the retired auto mechanic didn’t raise kids that run out of gas = )! )

It is just a simple play on words that I learned from a college student that had returned from working a diabetic children’s camp. They would check, not test. You can not fail, in fact, the fact that you are checking, makes you a winner, no matter what the number!

I also know a psychologist that insists on saying “check” your blood sugar, not “test.” I always feel good when my number is in range, but I try to not let it get to me when I’m high or low. It’s just one number, I tell myself. There are many more to come so I try not to get too frustrated unless it’s getting in the way of something I want to do, but in that case, I just get mad at the diabetes, not at me.

i did the same thing! Ended up testing my sugar a hour earlier on accident

i remember i tried sooo hard to get my sugars under control, i had two weeks of sugars written down, notes all over the page of what i ate and how i felt. I showed it to my old doc and she barely looked at them and said it wasn’t enough. :frowning: I switched docs

I remember once I talked to my Doctor about getting a pump and he said I didn’t test enough (maybe 4x day then) so I went home and tested like hell (probably 7+ times day) and when I went back he said "Your testing way too much!"
I switched docs :((

My doctor counts the values over 200, out loud. Last week he said I was “marginally acceptable”. I usually wait in the office feeling sick to my stomach, wondering what he’ll say. When I first got the pump, I was very disappointed that the download program would not let me edit out the values I didn’t want him to see:) I clioked on “edit” and got a message on the screen from Animas that “your healthcare provider needs to see all values.” Why even have an edit box???

Ooooh, your doctor sounds scary, like my 8th grade math teacher. I have to say, My Doc is pretty laid back and NEVER makes me feel bad, it’s all in MY head.But, I have skipped checking my BS in the past when I was sure it was bad so that it wouldn’t show on my log.

I see my endo today and I’m nervous. I’ll see what my A1c is and if she frowns at all the highs. Wish me luck!

After 40 years of diabetes…I am finally learning (but not always there yet) to say “damn diabetes” rather than “damn me” when I see a number I don’t like!!! It does my BG a lot better than stressing about how I failed that grade…again!!

All those numbers are information (not grades) that help you make good decisions (not judge you). They’re like sign posts along the way. If you should make a wrong turn, the sign posts aren’t judging you, they’re guiding you back to where you want to be. If your doctor / spouse / self frowns and says you have “bad” numbers, you tell them that’s not the kind of language you want to hear.