Something is clearly wrong with me

Over the last few days I started testing my sugar levels again and In general I just don’t feel well and haven’t for years. It goes way beyond feeling tired and lethargy. Its just very disturbing to say the least. Kind of equivalent to having a severe cold. The catch is this was documented at a 150 sugar. I was at work the other day and felt a little low which I apparently wasn’t. I had 10 carb grams and felt the spike instantly like someone injected poison into my body. I got home and checked my level and was a whopping 150. I get these symtoms often and though its above normal I feel like death from it. I also just read something interesting about Bret Michaels that when he becomes intimate he boosts his level up to 200 which he claims increases his stamina. At 150 I’m ready to jump out of my own body. How could we have the same disease? I’ve yet to come in contact with any other diabetic that goes through what I do especially at the levels I do. I feel like I have nowhere to turn as we all know its virtually impossible to keep the sugars fluctuating in the normal range. I really need help but I don’t know who to call or what to do anymore? My body knows where the levels are supposed to be and doesn’t like it any other way. This is just beyond depressing. Are you listening GOD!

Don’t be afraid, just keep the faith. Listen your body.

I wish you heath and luck

Jorge Alexandre Araújo

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How have your a1cs been? I looked at your profile page and you listed your a1c as 8. If 8% is normal for you then your body is telling you it’s not normal. For years I ran a high a1c (even before they used a1c as a bs measurement). You know D takes little bites from your life and they finally add up and you start to feel it. I finally learned tighter control over 10 years ago from a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator). I have now have steady a1cs at 6%.

You know… Have you ever been checked for another autoimmune disorder, such as a Thyroid Illness? Hypothyroidism, when uncontrolled, can make it more difficult to manage energy levels if your sugars get any amount of high… I’ve been there. It sucks big time. :confused: Often Autoimmune Hypothyroidism and Diabetes (especially Type 1) go hand in hand. If you haven’t already, I’d look into it…

If you are Type 1, you need to be a diabetes manager. To be a manager, you need to have that tester working and do some serious researching of your BS levels between meals, before meals, and after meals.
If your pancreas isn’t actually functioning (and you are actually Type 1), you cannot feel well until you have the times and test results written down so you can analyze/compare them and know what’s going on. Take them to an Endo; get what’s needed. How about a continuous monitor - you’re a busy person. It’s faster to learn how to control BS and less easy to deny that you’re above the limits for complications when you look at the monitor’s output. It also becomes easier to see exactly how far a carb gram raisses you and how far a unit of insulin lowers you. It’s easy to deny what’s happening otherwise.
Best wishes - how about reading Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution, & Think Like a Pancreas. These books will give you some information you need.


I am diabetic 35 years so I’ve got more years then probably most here. Whats interesting is a last week I woke up and my sugar was 185 and I felt perfect. Had no clue whatsoever. Most of the time the elevated levels even if not that high cause both physical and mental distress. For example I’ve had documented readings of 120, 140, 150 and felt like mentally and physically horrible. The other night my lips were numb and felt like my sugar was 20 about 1hr after my meal and injection. When I checked It was 88 but knew I needed more carbs. Still why would I feel like 20 when I’m 88? I am just tired and fed up with it all. My life is not busy at all as I rarely leave the house anymore. I suffer with a great deal of anxiety so I tend to stay by myself. I wouldn’t wish this life on a serial killer. It just seems anyway you cut the cake I will never feel well as long as I continue to have diabetes. I will admit sometimes I do have relatively good days but I have no idea how or why. Its like pure luck or something.

Hi Gary!

First let me say: Been there, done that.
If your bloodsugars are running a bit higher usually, like around 180, than your body feels that a bloodsugar like 100 is unusal low and therefore sends the same signals as if it where a hypo. And the point is: Because your body reacts like in a hypo (for example the liver could spill out glucose), you also should and take care to bring your BS back to your normal level. Thats for the short term. For the long term surely you should try to bring your overall BS levels down, but you have to do it slowly. Of course it sucks to be afraid of the awful feeling of being low and still try to go strict and not “on the save side”.

And something more: For me sometimes it’s not a low BS that I feel, but the dropping itself (like, if I’ve been at 300, gave a shot, feel low an hour later, test, BS is 180 - because I only feel the quick dropping). Also the same BS can feel pretty different depending on the situation I’m in, like, if I’m busy are not, again how quick the BS drops, if I’m cold/warm/hungry…

Hope that was somewhat helpul…
Good luck to you!

The bottom line is if you are sensative to the levels your quality of life will be horrible. My dad who is also insulin dependent is never hungry, never tired, never irritable and doesn’t have anxiety from sugar swings at all kinds of levels. His only problem is he gets a lot of lows and dosen’t treat it quick enough. I agree with a lot of vigilance, pain and expense its possible to keep the levels running better more often then not but its not realistic to keep them in normal range but only a certain percentage of the time. In fact I read something online that stated even the most dilligent diabetics are only in the normal glucose range about 30% of the time. Some may do better but its not very realistic. I think even if you sat home everyday and all you had to do was try to keep your sugars running normal the end result would = fail. Moving forward I can’t seem to snap out of constant depression and worry. In my eyes anyone who does not have diabetes or any other chronic condition is as free as bird. GOD are you listening!

r u type I or ii? inject insulin or a pump?
and…hAve you tried checking w/another meter?

Hi Gary, glad to see you here with us again. I was just looking at your page, and there was our angel Saundra Barragan reaching out to you. She would be so happy to hear that you are testing again! I’m sorry you’re feeling like this most of the time. Sometimes when you’re really out of control, a reading of 200 or so doesn’t make you feel bad, so perhaps (I hope) your control is much better? when did you have that a1c of 8.5? anyway, we are all so different in how the d treats us. I’ve had it for 42 years. Please come and hang out with us here anytime you want - we are listening!

Hi Gary,
My son feels like 20 at 88 all the time (literally) 88 seems to be his low - and he drinks a 4oz juice box and feels much better.
Keep up the good fight!

Gary I know how that feels about being alone. But what I’ve learned to do in the 51 years of living with this disease is to create a world I want to live in. I was once a people person but due to a spinal condition I rarely get out of the house. I create the world I want by staying in touch with others through my puter and telephone. If you want to be alone that’s ok but if you want to stay in touch with others you can.

Having Diabetes can be isolating but I learned years ago I don’t have to be isolated because isolating can be depressive and dangerous. In all of the 51 years of living with D I’ve tried and found how to enrich my life physically and mentally…that has been my life quest. At times I’ve wanted to give up and at times I’ve refused to give up. We have choices and that has been mine…so I’ll say again I know how you feel…but hang in there, there are still some good days left.

If you feel poorly, something is wrong.Be it somehting simple or somethung complex. If your blood sugar is 180 and then it drops to 80 quickly, even though 80 is mornal, you’ve lost 50% of your blood glucose and that sets off hormones to protect your body(fight or flight syndrowm). If you walk around with 180 and feel poor, thats expected, but eventually you will get used to it and not feel poor.

I have many days when my blod sugar is where I want it and I feel like crap. Then I have to remember all the other things that happen to other healthy people can still happen to me and you…

I felt like a turd for years and finally ended up being diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance/Celiac disease. very common in diabetics, especially Type 1, to some degree. Could be hypothyroid like the person said before, more autoimmune crap… You just have to document and see your doc…

Oh and nice Strat.
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Well…yes. This disease sucks. It’s a pain in the ■■■ and you can’t have normal glucose levels all the time (and maybe not even most of the time). And surely this has a negative influence on your quality of life.
As I actually don’t have a clue how to help you, I’ll better shut up.

Oh, just one more thought - how large and often are your sugar swings? Do you think your problem is more a physiological thing or a coping problem (or both)? (I’ve actually been to a “coping and motivation training course” last month. Was pretty interesting.)

Sorry for not being helpful :frowning:

I have never been able to tell if I was anywhere except 40-70. Except - After I’ve run high for a bit (140-160-180 after cortisone), then, even 120 gives me shakes as the body resets. I keep working at it slowly by taking fewer carbs more often with more protein (4 meals a day) and maintaining fewer carbs per meal so even an hour after meals I’m only at 140, and that shaking, lousy feeling finally gives up. Hope yours will, too!
Each body has a setting: it tends to go there. Unfortunately the chemicals involved create those feelings longer than the actual numbers show.
The only way to reset is pull the BS down little by little. I’ve gotten to correcting with insulin even those 160s. But that was after I knew exactly what a unit and a half unit would do.
We’ve all been staying in with the cold. We have to get out when the sunshine is out to get a sunbeam! Otherwise depression will get us! Out with you!!! And again, our best to you! Keep working!

Gary, two things I don’t understand. 1/ Don’t you test every day at least 5 times? 2/ Don’t you carry something in your pocket that is sugary so when you feel low you take that to feel better> Here is another one… Don’t you carry a tester with you to work?


Yep something is wrong, you arent’ taking care of yourself as you should be. Our bodies change, I could have the same disease as you, but unless we are clones, it will treat us differently. IF you don’t have a team of medical/nutritional people whom you are working with to control this, and share your findings, you need to get one of those soon. That’s my recommendation. No matter how good we are at looking up stuff, and taking care of ourselves, a team of professionals whom you can work with is a great asset.

Gary, have you been tested for other autoimmune conditions (that often come as a package deal with type 1)?

It might be worth asking… we always assume that we are feeling lousy because of our blood sugar (actually many doctors assume the same). As Carrp suggested, get your thyroid checked and test for Celiac.

And keep testing! :slight_smile: The more info the better.


People don’t believe me that I can feel the sugars and live without testing. My last AIC was 6.5 and I kid you not I took no tests what so ever. I am not bragging here but I can probably do as good as many that test all day long just based on feeling. I admit I screw up from time to time but never been hospitalized for lows or highs. My body just hates being out of normal range and thats the core of the problem. I just got to a point where I said to myself even testing I will still get sugars ranging from 60 to 300 so why add pain to my fingers, have an additional expense when their gonna fluctuate and I will feel like crap anyway. Its highly unlikely I have another condition as when I get a good sugar day which hasn’t been happening too much lately I generally feel much better. I’ve got many personal issues besides the hell of diabetes and when the sugars run haywire it just manifests depression. As a kid I never thought the diabetes would have ended up being so devastating to live with as it turned out. I hate this F******G disease! I really thought by now it would have been cured. I give myself another few years and if nothing looks like it will breakthrough I’ll just have myself committed.

One of the reasons you feel so poorly is beacuse you dont check. Your A1C being 6.5 is fine, but the rollar coaster of 65-300 makes you feel poorly. Period. causes depression. Screws up your natural hormones, which makes you feel worse.

You just said that when you get a good blood sugar day you feel better, but when its poor you feel like s–t. All the more reason to check…

Diabetes f–king sucks. Im with you 100%. 25 years of it. 266 office visits in my life. 6000 dollars a year of out of pocket expenses in addition to insurance.

But, you have no choice. Do you have insurance? You need a pump. The way I felt improved so much after I stated on a pump… Ive got an extra. We can figure away to let you try it.