I always have a trace of ketones

Hey all,

I’m newly type 1 diagnosed since December and I was diagnosed with DKA. Ever since my BG are very stable and around 100-120, I eat low carb diet but not super low (around 100 gr per day). For some reason I still have ketones in my blood, it’s always around 0.3-0.4 and I don’t understand why. Anyone had similar experience? I just don’t get why :frowning: and if it’s problematic or not. I’ve read in some study that the ketone level should be under or equal to 0.2 in a normal mode…

  • I’m using keto mojo to check my ketones oncer a week.

My endo told me that it might because of the recent DKA :frowning: but she was just guessing and told me to stop testing it if I not needed.

A ketone level below 0.6 is regarded as normal, so you should not be concerned. Personally, I never measure my blood ketones.


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Perhaps she is rightfully concerned you are now obsessed with the numbers? Not saying you are, but if she doesn’t want you testing so much, she may have a good reason for telling you that. It’s sort of akin to someone with no dx of high blood pressure, to test their BP every day–it’s not necessary. Or someone with no history of diabetes, to be testing bg’s every single day.

Your diet IMO is low enough in carbs to produce that low level of ketones. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.

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I suspect its your diet which is probably a good thing. If you want to test the theory, test your ketones, take a day and have a high carb feast day and test the next day.

Your BG might not like it but see what you have for ketones. If you want to check the carb spike get some afrezza and take when eating the high carbs. The afrezza won’t disrupt taking you out of keto if you are in it but it will blunt the sugar spike.

Don’t test in morning (you’ve been fasting all night and everyone shows trace ketones when they arise)

Like George suggested choose a day you eat plenty of carbs and do not exercise, Test about an hour or 2 after last carby meal. Ketones should be less than 0.4 (0.3-ish is not a meaningful sign of ketosis)

Just my opinion but I think too many diabetics are obsessed with ketones and DKA. I’ve been T1D 55 yrs and the only times I’ve tested for ketones is the past 6 months, and only because I’m on a keto diet and want to maintain my ketones above 1.0).

These are the levels I aim for when doing extended fasts:

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Similar to what Jim said, I have had type one for 43 years and never check ketones for the sake of it. I would only test if you have a good reason to test, like if you are on an insulin pump and wake up feeling sick and notice your set has come out over night, or if you notice your long acting insulin has chunks in it etc. My ketones sit around 1.0 mmol.