I am just about going to give up on this pump therapy and VA being plain ole difficult and I mean DIFFICULT!

Plain and Simple Tire of the semantics and Difficult processes and incorporative junk from the Veterans Affairs!!
Especially after today!!!


Help Please again what to do and I have and I mean complied ABOVE AND BEYOND !!!

MDI’s and mg/dl’s + I have I will take my blood sugars 18-20 times a day then 10-12 shots my average to date are as follows accu-chek reading my averages starting with 7 day is 128 mg/dl and 14 day is 132 mg/dl and 30 day is 143 mg/dl. And my last A1C was 7.9 in Nov and last one before that was in June was 7.0 so getting worst casue changing my insulin regement (well not the last 3 1/2 weeks taking 10-12 shots a day now a my readings show me kicking butt!!!

Chime in and read VA Pulication

What are your thoughts and comments

So what have they told you? I am reading the thing and I’m not sure why that they are so insistent on having “fasting BGs > 200 mg/dl”, etc. I ran into that but my main reason was so that I could exercise intensively with less problems keeling over. Blue Cross passed it right on through and haven’t ever caused any problems? That’s HCSC though, their arm out of IL/TX/NM/OK?


You know…I think I pissed them off plain and simple and cause they can make my life difficult and I ama not the same OLD Curmudgeons and oh plus I dont look feeble and I am robot LISTEN ME OR ELSE! They have the POWER that’s why… Oh but TRYING TO BE really really healthly and taking great care of myself (even though I have a plethroa of issues including Neuropathy in arms legs and colin also :frowning: from 15+ years ago A1c were in the 10 all the way 12.7 Yup that bad I am paying for those highs for so long!! (they lasted 5-6 years 90 - 96 approx and ) but I havebeen trying for 10+ years taking care of myself!! but my DCM (Diabetiic Case Manager) she is believing I can stay on MDI system or she told me (in April 30th 2010 our 1st appointment) if I dont like the way the VA runs. I can get my own or buy my own or have my own insurance buy (and she doesnt see the fact that I dont insurance I get my100% disability for the VA so my health care is cover 100% period!!! and she workds for the VA ???) and I ve been taking my blood sugar 15-20 times a day for 9 months now longer actually and she see this everytime we are together… she doawnloads my ACCU-CHEK and right in front show how many times I take I cant lie about… but that doesnt matter!!! now I cant have ANY LOW (under 70) and or ANY HIGHs (300-400) period quote unquote per DCM THis is why I am leaving the link up so you can read and see ther are to pieces of the BS puzzle the VA is showing period!!! including me being told we or VA doesnt qualify for CGMS and that a BS lie (you have to get approval from Endo/or DCM)

It sounds like the DCM bastard is working a secret addenda that’s not in the rules in that document though? It sounds like you are right on pace w/ the document but the DCM is going beyond that? I guess the budget isn’t balanced but she sounds a bit like Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest as if she’s taking things to extremes? I’m not sure I could put a 3 iron through the window of a single office with any accuracy unless I hit a couple of buckets of balls but I think that you would be entirely justified in seeking any remedy that is available? Did your doctor recommend something? One thing that was pretty big for me is that I was 1) working out a lot and 2) had some A1C wobbles (7s, instead of 5-6) while I was working out and changing my diet pretty significantly to lose weight. I also was doing IV R shots to achieve more rapid ‘fixes’ (literally?) to highs so that may have looked a bit out of whack in the logs too but I don’t see how you can not have highs and lows to the extreme that the DCM is talking about.

We will clearly need to rip her pancreas out and give her a taste of her own medicine.

Which Sucks She is a TYPE I Diabetic and she has a pump!!! This is why I am sooooooo pissed but like you said …or let wait… I was told being the intial INTERNAL MED DOC i seen on or exastly 1 year ago he told me that VA is in business to manage our heath and not making money like insurance companies!! with that said (remember what she my new DCM told me our first meeting WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG… she told me if you dont like you can buy your own… etc…) I was even told hmmm briely by the internal Med Doc told ■■■■ her off or Ill never get a pump… He told me and so far he’s been right I pissed her off some how!!! maybe casue I wont take any BS either or I am pretty itelliegent unlike most in the VA again they are just taking rules and not challeneging them not one bit most just take it… and I dont take the BS!!! .

I think w/ government agencies, you have to go up the food chain? I haven’t had any problems with them in my dealings with them but I’m not sure how to deal w/ the VA. There has to be a way around it. She is not making any medical sense. Ripping her pancreas out won’t work though. It’s clearly some sort of deep rooted mean spiritedness.

This really bothers me, a health practitioner with a pump lording it over people and getting in their way? The doctors and nurses were not only helpful w/ my efforts to get a pump but seemed really relieved given the gonzo stuff I had gotten into. Same thing with the CGM “well, I ran down to 39 2 miles into an 8 mile run and had 10G of carbohydrates and sprinted two blocks as fast as I could and was back up to 85 a couple of miles later so I want a CGM” and I had one a few weeks later. They are supposed to help you, not be a tool. It als bothers me a lot that your doctor told you that she would get in your way? If he knows that an administrative bozo is getting in the way of his patients’ care, he should be fragging her the hell out of there.

WOT but do you make or customize amps? I am overamped right now. If I move the VT40 and Acoustic sludgemonster, I could perhaps replace them with a more boutiquey sort of sound or maybe just a smaller, PTP type of Fender/ Vox/ Marshall. I mostly use a Roland Mini Cube w/ headphones and kind of like flipping between those models quickly too but tubes sound so sweet! Victoria amps are in the town I’m in and I’ve seen some bands with Matchless that have sounded spectacular but I’m not sure I can market an amp that costs as much as a used car to MrsAcidRock?