Thank you Forum members

This is my 1st post on here. I joined a few days ago looking for information regarding the VA system and insulin pumps.
I have been battling the VA for years, A1C over 10, finger sticks reading 275 in the morning and over 300 throughout the day all the time taking 50 u of lantus at night and 30 Novilin R before every meal. Someone mentioned on one of the forums that one should contact their congressmen or state reps if they are having problems. I decided that wasn’t such a bad idea, what could it hurt. right? I wrote several people 3 days ago. I got a phone call yesterday from someone at the State who was directed to call me from the Asst. Commissioner for the VA. Today he called me back mentioning two of my Dr’s names and that the are ordering me a pump today!!! So three days is all it took. Though I have to wait till next month for the classes on it, I cannot complain. I am VERY excited, and its thanks to this forum for giving me the idea to write my congressmen and representatives.


so glad we could help, and thanks so much for taking the time to thank us.

now we will be looking forward to hearing of your success with the pump!