I am new to this site, hears a little bit about my story

I have had Type 1 Diabetes since my freshman year in high school. It was a changing point in my life. My parents were so scared they did not know what it really was and how bad the outcomes could be. My attitude towards it was not that big. I was just saying to myself what is the big deal, I will just have to check my blood sugars and give myself insulin. I was in the hospital for a few days and then the doctors let me go off. I am a very athletic kid. I do alright in school, but sports is my life. That was my main concern when I found out I had it. The doctors assured my that I could continue to play sports as long as I took care of myself. So thats what I was determined to do.
When I went back to school and back home all my friends were scared for me, they thought I had a disease that might end my life. I guess it could take anyones life, but as long as you live a good and healthy life I new it would be ok. My friends would help me in the process. They would make sure I would have my glucose meter with me and all.
My doctor has played a great role in all this as well. He told me how to control m blood sugars in times of trouble. Like when I go to parties and drink or when I am sick with the flu or something.
I play golf and have my whole life almost. I travel to tournaments all over the country, but mostly in New England. Playing golf and have diabetes has been my life mostly. I want to and need to play well in my tournaments so I can win and accomplish all my goals. This has helped me in my process of having a good A1C and keeping myself healthy. If I have a high blood sugar or a low one I can not play to my best. I have done well for myself in golf so far and hope to play well in college also. I have won some tournaments and made a lot of cuts in my national tournaments. I played well in my high school carrier making 1st team all-states and having set records in my high school. Having Diabetes for me has been a good experience in the way of keeping my body in shape and eating the right foods. A lot of people ask me why am I not “sad” or “unhappy” I tell them that I have a disease that needs controlling and I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my self healthy and happy. I have done well for myself and the diabetes has helped all my progress in that so far.

Congratulations on your positive attitude and welcome to tudiabetes.

I am very happy for you and keep up the positive attitude….my son was diagnosed at the age of 7 and he is now 10. He also sees Diabetes as a new lifestyle and control. He is very athletic and will not let diabetes dictate his limits. I know he will do well in the future and will accomplish many goals….his teachers and coaches are always amazed how well he deals with diabetes and how he manages to always be happy…he understand how critical this disease could be, but he doesn’t think about it….he is confident that he will be ok and determined to overcome obstacles…

Congratulations on all your accomplishments…. Having diabetes does not mean you life is over…it takes some adjustments, but you could go as far as you want to go….sure it could be difficult at times, but not impossible….

Hi Chuck,
I really appreciate your positive outlook. As far as sports are concerned I want to tell you something that should brighten your day My son is a type 1 and has played football and been a body builder for all of his life. He sees diabetes as a way to keep him focused on a healthy lifestyle. He is in such good shape that at the age of 40 he tried out for and was hired to play professional football. His biggest joy was to get paid for doing something he loves to do. His career didn’t last very long. He broke his ankle snowboarding… But still he looks back on it with pride for keeping himself in such good shape, So keep focused and keep up the good work. Good luck and welcome to the community.

Great attitude.

Do many colleges offer golf scholarships? Just curious – I am not any sort of athlete, but I did go to UConn. I loved it, but as you can imagine, basketball overshadows most of the other sports programs there! Looking at any schools in particular?

Thanks for sharing your story. My son was just diagnosed with type one and hearing about how well you are doing gives me hope. Best of luck to you.


Thank you for sharing your story!!! It’s very motivational:) You have a positive attitude and it will take you a long way. Golf, My Uncle took for golf lessons when I was 10. lol I wish I would have kept it up. It’s great having you in the community. Keep us informed…who know’s maybe one day you’ll be wearing the GREEN jacket.


Chuck: Your outlook on life and Diabetes is truly inspirational! Thank you. I played soccer for many years after my diagnosis and I think it helped too. These days I can’t say I’m athletic but I do go to the Gym 4-5 days a week so I’m trying. You seem to have found the key to GREAT control! I applaud you.

your so positive!!! we need people like you