Let's brighten things up

I have recently become more involved with TuDiabetes, logging on much more often than I have in the past and getting involved in more ‘conversations’.

I find, though, that I am absolutely being dragged down by some of the posts that I read. I realize that there is true value in being able to vent about life with diabetes, but the prevalence of negatively focused discussions is causing me a certain amount of anxiety when I log on… I hesitate to say that these feelings are starting to seep over into my ‘non-Tu’ life.

We all know diabetes can suck. We live with it. But let’s not dwell on it.

There is SO much that I’ve been able to do because of diabetes and I’m sure that there are many of you out there are grateful for at least one thing diabetes has given you. If not, maybe I am truly just strange. But I’d like to think not! (I think it will send me a strong message about my involvement here on TuDiabetes should no one respond…)

So here we go…
What positive influence has diabetes had on your life? How has living with diabetes changed you for the better? What opportunities has diabetes given you? What difference are you making because of it?

Diabetes has been an amazing, positive force in my life.

Diabetes has made me pay attention to my own health, especially what I eat and my overall activity levels. (Lets be honest, my nutrition was pretty poor before-D.)

Diabetes has given me the chance to meet an amazing group of people through Connected in Motion, and be active in ways I never would have imagined. I now have a new found love of skiing and snowshoeing. Without D, I wouldn’t have stayed in touch with many of the D-types I’ve crossed paths with in my education, employment, and travels, all of whom are hilarious and awesome folks.

Diabetes has presented me with its share of challenges, including some workplace discrimination that led me to quit my job at the time. It was a hard decision, but where I ended up after that was better than where I was, I learned and grew immensely, and made some of my best friends.

And, of course, because of diabetes, I met you!

To let you know ( Jen and others ) in short form : I want to keep on smelling the roses …the alternative sounds thumbs down …ready to snuggle up with the dogs at our local SPCA next …Volunteering gives one wonderful pay-offs …ask me :slight_smile:
Next Thursday ( December 2 ) a belated interview with our local Radio Station : Diabetes Month ( November ) …but then we know, we have diabetes every month .

Awesome, Nel!! Can you pass on the radio info (station, etc) next week? I’ll see if I can find a way to tune in online!

When the holidays begin, people’s moods begin to change, for better or worse or alternating. With the understanding that the community needs to respond when a member is in trouble or needs our help, certainly the brighter side of life is more fun, inspiring, and sustaining. One can really benefit, as well as enjoy oneself, by being involved in TuDiabetes. However, we all have our own realities, and I can’t see much in the way of positive influences of diabetes in my own life, except to note that I still find ways to have fun and enjoy this one life to live.

Since D onset, the best thing that’s happened for me definitely is having “met” some really awesome folks here (thanks, all who friended me!)

I do have to admit to eating better (or at least more conscientiously), exercising more, learning oodles, taking fewer things for granted, learning to live rather than exist and when to put myself first before others, being more empathetic of others’ stories.

Someone posted recently how they wished TuD was one gigantic room where we could all meet in person and deepen the virtual relationship – I couldn’t agree more!

What I don’t really like is having to carry so much STUFF! (All I want for Christmas is cargo shorts…)

Haha I can picture the D-Cargo shorts now! and all the TuD members in a room wearing them!!! :slight_smile: 17,000 of them!!

I want to add: it has been a pleasure to meet people of this group and become friends, which of course would not have happened without my having Diabetes–so one positive influence.

I loved reading your post, Emmy (and love that we’re living in the same province!!) Your daughter is so lucky to have health conscious parents as role models. If she ever does develop D (and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she doesn’t) at least she’ll have grown up knowing that there ways to live great a great life, even if you do have diabetes! Do you have a link to your blog? I’d love to read it/pass it on!

I feel the exact same as you. I have even considered deleting my account. However, there are alot of good topics that I have learned about but I am really sick and tired of see all this negativity. Everyone has some sort of problems in their life and diabetes is mine and yours. I’ve learned to live with it and try my best with keeping things in line. I am not perfect by all means and some days I am harder on myself for either forgetting to bolus or not giving myself enough insulin and etc. Life is a learning experience and I continue to learn about this disease every day. The best advice I have ever gotten was from my Father when I was diagnosed and that was to never feel sorry for myself. I am in control of my body and that being said my thoughts too. I choose not to deal with diabetes as being a negative thing. Diabetes will not ruin my life, I run my life with or without this disease.

Diabetes has thought me to appreciate the life for what it is. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for this discussion :wink:

Thanks Stef! I think we’re on exactly the same page :slight_smile:

I think it’s important to have a space for people to vent and for people to get help when they need it, but there needs to be a balance (and this is definitely a start!)

Diabetes has done a lot of good things for me… I have a healthy life, and a healthier outlook, and I’ve lost about 80 lbs… I also love helping people in however way I can, regardless of what type they are. I learn as much as I can so that I can be a force of united change.

The one thing I will caution to say is that… Diabetes is a roller coaster ride; sometimes we feel on top of the world, and sometimes we don’t. While there are some people who will always be all doom and gloom, and won’t take advice you give them… We also need to learn to be there for others who are going through not so great times. Our site is not going to be all for just happiness all the time, as it’s not going to be for doom and gloom all the time. People are going to post where they are at, in life, and we shouldn’t judge that (not that you are, in any way). If we personally need to take a break from certain discussions, that’s fine, too. Some discussions, I say my very limited part or point, and then I don’t read them anymore. Take what we can get, and leave the rest, is what I have had to learn the hard way. :slight_smile:

Diabetes affects EVERYONE, from the impossibly optimistic, to the depressed, to the mean and grouchy people, to those who are pure kindness. It knows no bounds… And at the end of the day, we all need support. :slight_smile:

Good post, Lizmari. “Take what you need and leave the rest.”

BTW, watching your transformation in the year I’ve been on TuD has been wondrous! Keep on keepin’ on, girl!

Am I allowed to leave an answer to my own questions? :slight_smile:

Diabetes has given me so much. I cannot imagine the person I would be without it. I cannot imagine not having the amazing friends that diabetes has connected me with.

I have been given the opportunity to volunteer for the most amazing organizations because of diabetes.

I have been a role model to children with diabetes.

I live an active and adventurous life because of diabetes.

I have a deep understanding of the food I use to fuel my body because of my diabetes.

Diabetes gave me the opportunity to research something that is infinitely important to me during my graduate studies.

I have got to travel throughout North America because of my diabetes.

I ran in my first 10k race because of diabetes.

I have got to be involved with some amazing conferences because of my diabetes.

I have got to participate in some cutting edge research because of my diabetes.

Most importantly, though, I have something that makes me want to get out of bed every morning. It sounds weird that diabetes would actually make motivate me, but it motivates me more than anything in my life. I have something that enables me to be an influence. I feel empowered by my diabetes. I am supported by an amazing network of individuals who push me and my thinking–a network created because of diabetes.

I debated starting a discussion on this topic for some time, mostly because I did not want to overshadow the significant concerns and cries for help from many TuD-ers. In a way, though, I think that recognizing the amazing things borne from diabetes is just as important as recognizing the challenges we struggle with on a daily basis.

I say, way to go ‘us’!!!

To me personally…the most positive thing I can say about having T1 diabetes is all the friends I have made here and the support I can offer and/or receive. I believe Manny started a site for all of us to share our feelings, thoughts and a way to express ourselves with others who truly understand. The caring here is unbelievable!

Just my thoughts!

Ooh, thanks Mark :slight_smile: Just added Robyn as a new TuD friend! Do you maybe have a link to her grateful page? Is it a blog post? I did a quick search, but just got myself lost…


Thank you! :slight_smile: I keep on going… keepin on goin is all I got. lol

Thank you!!!