I am not a chemist

no matter how long i have had D, there are still many foods that i can not get my dosing correct for. we all share this, so i know i am not alone. fatty foods seem to give us all the most bolus problems. do i do a regular bolus, a dual bolus, a square wave bolus? and for how many carbs and for how much insulin, and for how many hours and for how much of a percentage?

w/out sounding like a chemist, what solutions have you learned that you are most proud of over your years of experimenting? please share as many as you can muster and how your experiments went until you found your “sweet spot.”

Anything over 70 carbs I do an extended bolus. My favorite BBQ place is now serving hush-puppies, so if I"m having a splurge day, that’s what I get. Each hush puppy contains about 10 carbs and a serving there is 6. Totally worth it. Plus, when you add in everything else, it’s a pretty hefty carb load but not necessarily a ton of fat. Still, those carbs are going to be sitting like a rock, so fat aside, anything over 70 carbs (which I’ve learned with the hush puppy trials) gets 50% bolus with 50% two hours later.

I did a lot of testing on how many carbs I needed when I got low. the 15/15 rule was leading my to 250+ blood sugars, not fun after being low. So, whenever I was home and low, I ate a little less, and a little less. If I’m between 50 and 65, I only need about 5-7carbs to pull me up and it takes longer than 15 minutes, more like 30. Lower than that I haven’t tested yet since, you know, it’s kind of unsafe. Although I wouldn’t suggest doing any of this unless you were home.

if i eat straight carbs (but always together w/ a protein) i must dual bolus. even if it is as simple as a thomas’ english muffin. (and that’s under 30gms)

i NEVER experiment unless i am close to home. if i am in an unfamiliar restaurant, i would much prefer to go high for a period of time till i got home, rather than to be stuck on a NYC subway car showing 60 going down on my cgm. then i start to freak out.

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