I can't believe it

I’m on my second week of using a dex com CGMS. And for the past 48 hrs, my BG has stayed between 60-150. Even after meals. I could never do this on using just a BG meter. Amazing!

Am I just in a “sweet spot”, that perfect intersection of pump site working 100% and timing my meal boluses just right? Or can I really expect to keep this going? Amazing!

Quick question, for those of you that pump, how many utilize at least a 1 hour duration dual wave/extended bolus? Depending on what my BG is before I start eating, I deliver between 0-40% up front, or if I’m on the low side, I may deliver 100% extended. I keep watching the dex at 1.5-2.5 hours post meal, seeing that I am still at 120-140-ish, and thinking shoot, I have insulin on board, I’m going to bottom out. Then I don’t.

Simply amazing, I hope I can keep this going. And yes, I’m confirming numbers with a meter. Their almost always within 10 pts of the stick. Hope I can keep this going!

Jacky, I’m so glad you’re having such great results with your new CGMS. But yep, you may be in that “sweet spot” and not able to hold that 24/7 - remember the “Honeymoon Period” when you first went on insulin?!

I’ve never had any success with the dual wave/extended bolus so I don’t use it. I would love to hear from people who do, however.

Keep up the good work!

LOL, unfortunately, I know EXACTLY what your saying. The dual extended may work well for me do to delayed stomache emptying, that’s the best I can figure.

Maybe I can hang onto my honeymoon for a bit longer though, Now that I’ve seen it with my own eyes, I know it can be done : )

For me, anyway, and for now : )

So glad things are working out so well for you. I had a very similar first start when I went on CGMS. To answer your dual wave question, we have had an ongoing thread for some time regarding this. I’m surprised you have not already seen it. It’s a very good read, and it works great for me too.


Wow, that was a great discussion! I just joined about 2-4 weeks ago, and I must have just not paid attention to that, that’s a lot of info to think about. I’ve been carb bolusing for so long, but that whole TAG thing makes a whole lot of sense. I can’t wait tillI I make chicken to test it out and see if I need to start thinking more about things other than carbs, Thanks!

Thanks Matthew!

I use the dual wave whenever I’m eating something pretty fatty or any pasta. I generally do 65% now and the rest over time. Pizza is 4 hours, Chinese/Italian is 2 hours, anything fried is 1.5 hours, ice cream is 1 hour. It’s not perfect, but those are the times that seem to work better than others. Glad you’re having great luck with the Dexcom! Minimed just sent me another transmitter in the hopes that it will work better than the first one, but so far it’s still about 50/50 in terms of accuracy.

Thanks April, I broke my honeymoon with cheese tortellini and a meat sauce last night. Looked like I had it till I went to sleep, was just under where the pump would have alarmed. I have Hi set to 240, I played in the 200-239 range the whole night, and woke at 216 : (

Oh well, live and learn, was pretty decent all day, but I need to do a sert, and it’s starting to show in my numbers.

I tend to not take more than 40% up front, or I often find myself low. I do need to start extending the time out further though, still experimenting. 4 hours works well for you for pizza? I’ve never gone more than 2, always been a but too afraid to try that much of an extension, abut I do always end up high hours later. A food diary may be in order, almost like starting over, but I’ve got much better tools now!