MM CGMS -> amazing!

I have been using the MM CGMS and 722 pump for all of 4 days now and I have to say it is amazing!

Readings from the CGMS have been very close to actuals; close enough that there has been no material difference. There is a lag of ~~15min. but unless BG is moving very fast that is not an issue for me.

However, what is most wonderful is being able to see the trends in BG over time. I have already found two times of the day that trend up allowing me to modify my pump settings to keep it stable. And, you can see the affect of food and insulin in ‘real time’ which for me has helped my choose lower sugar / carb foods…just knowing you will see that jump up in BG is a motivator.

Whats not to like?
The cost is crazy but with insurance it is worth it. Every indication is that the sensors are good for 6 days as well.
The size of the transmitter is a bit on the large side and I feel like I need to use the over dressing to keep in place. Not a big deal but not ideal either.

FYI, I am new to using a pump as well so the combination of the two is really impressive. Control is much tighter than I could have ever found with MDI. And, the whole setup/programming/start up process was so much easier than they made it out to be. They wanted me to attend 2 x 2 hour group classes, use the pump for 7 days with saline, wait 6 weeks, take another group class for CGMS. I am not sure why they make it out to be so complex (liability issues?) but if you understand the core concepts it is no more complex than a new smartphone. IMO.

Where are they having you do all of the education. This is not the norm and sounds like a good way to start.

I’m not a real believer in the saline indoctrination, it seems a little cruel to dangle the pump before you get to use it.

One of the best books for getting the info for all of what is coming is “Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin” and also the latest version of “Pumping Insulin”.

Enjoy your new adventure with the Pump/CGM.

They have some sort of group training programs setup here. Personally, it seems like total overkill. I would rather have the Metdronics rep setup an hour and go over the details 1:1 and be done with it.

That said, I think I will skip the training and suggest an hour meeting. I have no intention of using saline for a week…I already have nearly all the variables programmed and working well now without any training of any kind. Think I could get a credit for the training I don’t need :slight_smile:

I was on a pump for about 2 years before I went on CGMS. They are both fantastic. I’ve been on MM CGMS for 2 years now and I love it. I’ve wondered what the other sensors are like, but since I’m not having trouble with MM, I don’t want to risk a change. I use the dressing to over it to hold in place also. I also use some medical tape. It would be nicer if I didn’t have to do that, but for the most part I have very few (and insignificant) problems with MM CGMS. My pump training was done by my CDE and was about 2 or 3 hours. They didn’t use any saline or anything here. I just went right on it. The CGMS training was done by a RN that worked for MM (she also was a diabetic and used the CGMS, which was nice). That training was right at 5 hours. I think it just depends on where you get “hooked-up”.