I cured my serious neuropathy completely in 2003

HI Janina. Where did you get your B vitamin shots from? What was the brand and what types of vitamin B’s did you get? Did you take the folic acid separately as a shot? You also said you took them with multivitamins. Which brand of multi vitamins did you take?


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I got the vials from my General Practitioner (GP) who got them from a compounding pharmacy on a regular basis as he does intravenous infusions for clients, so I knew he could get what I needed. So there was no brand.

No, I never took folic acid as a shot but as an oral supplement, but would not recommend that to anyone as Dr Ben Lynch has a lot of value to add about how some people are not well served by the synthetic version which is what folic acid is whereas methyl folate is a much better approach. I was already well when I met his research about 6 years ago and so I follow his suggestions. he is not taking about neuropathy, but about the use of folate.

So I can tell you via Private Message what the brand is I use now as I do not wish to be accused of promoting anything as that is not my intent as I do not sell anything. I am not in favour of synthetic cheap vitamins.

My approach that I will mention is the reason I got better faster than most is that I felt dividing a usual dose into smaller doses taken at 4 evenly spaced times a day with food is the best approach. That means it still is a regular dose but just taken in smaller amounts so it is not too much, but still the usual daily dose.

I am sorry I only found your comment today as I rarely go online and get way too many emails daily so did not notice any email from TuDiabetes that a message was waiting here for me not because of them, but because I rarely look at email anymore as there are way too many that I get in total from all places that always want an email if a person signs up for something. I’m sure you have found that out too.

Hello Janina Walker,
Im knew to this site and would love for your input on my situation that I’ve been dealing with, I’ve been reading all of your messages on this site and your wealth of knowledge is AMAZING.

Thx, John

Hello Janina, I’m new to this site and would love to get some feed back, I was taking Keflex which is an antibiotic for 7 days and about a week after I took it I started to notice a lot of things happening to my body 1 that I cannot stand is the pins and needles all over my body plus itching. Another is my stomach issues I have no appetite and lost about 7lbs in about 2 months I severe anxiety because of this and not sure what to do. Please help with any information that you can provide me will be greatly appreciated

Thx, John

You likely have 2 issues from what I can determine from your symptoms.
First is the fact that antibiotics kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad and can cause lots of digestive problems.
You can cure that by eating yogurt. There are also some supplements that will restore the flora to its correct levels.

Your pins and needles and itching sounds like an allergy. I strongly suggest you don’t that that antibiotic again and get your doctor to put it in your chart.

Usually Kefflex is used when penicillin doesn’t work or if you are allergic to penicillin. So it’s not impossible to think you might be allergic to both maybe?

Thank you Timothy so what’s I wanna know what kind of yogurt? Like at the grocery store? Also with the pins and needles how do I try and help with that situation???any supplements that I can take?? And yes I have stopped and will no longer take that antibiotic ever again…

bifidus regularis Is the best one I think so you need to read the label. But any yogurt with live cultures will work. Activia is commonly sold in markets.
Also Acidophilus which you can buy in milk products that advertise it. But you can also just buy the supplement.
When ever I need to take antibiotics, I follow it with yogurt and acidophilus. It takes care of the stomach issues for me.

You can eat any kind in the market. But avoid the sugary ones

I would think the pins and needles will eventually go away.
I’ve not heard that kefflex can cause any kind of neuropathy, but never say never.
There is no cure even if that’s the case you just need to wait till it leaves your system and nerves can heal.

Once you get your gut back in order you will start feeling better. But if you still have an infection, your doctor will need to find something to treat you.

Thanks again Timothy, what kind of supplements would you recommend to treat never issues I feel that’s my issue at this point that causing me more concern of anything.

Sorry I really don’t know. I’ve never had neuropathy or any kind of nerve damage. I know that nerves take months to heal if they are damaged. Probably just take something for pain
Maybe someone else will chime in who has experience

Ok thanks again for your input.

Yes That was what I decided.
If you take lots of yogurt your insulin needs will go up. I use it as a dressing for salads with apple cider vinegar and DHA oils that are flavored and cost so much I only got it on half price sale.

Send a message to LunaS whom I have helped via email since 2017 and ask her if she recommends my help.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want to work on your case?

If you believe there is no cure then I will not help.
If any doctor tells you that then correct them and say, “only No cure that YOU know of and yet many have cured their own cases.”

It was indeed LunaS who discovered and showed me the site of floxiehope.com as I had already been cured so many years ago that I was no longer researching the topic.

Remember, “where there’s a will there’s a way,” however I wasted so much time with some people really over doing it that scared the [


out of me as to how they could do themselves in, so horribly.

Certainly that was not LunaS (in Portugal) as she is a great success. She is also very smart. She is a non-diabetic who joined just because of neuropathy. I think I convinced her with many long emails that supplements work and now she has found it out herself with her own experiments where she said she got better faster than her friends when they all got a cold one winter. That is what antioxidants can help to do, help you recover faster.

I use a LOT of vitamin C throughout the day. In my view, I eat a low carb diet and take supplements to get better. If people want to do it through food only then I won’t be involved and let them succeed on their own. There certainly are ways to do things in many different ways, but it takes effort. In my opinion, what it takes is the person themselves has to do the work.

When people are determined then they succeed.

It unfortunately costs money for supplements and I certainly do not sell anything. i do make recommendations, but on the whole there is only one brand I made a full recommendation for as it is a very good, professional multi vitamin mineral, but things like vitamin C can be found in many different forms. So find what you like best. I think calcium ascorbate worked for me for about 3 decades and for the last two years I have had the melt in the mouth type…just to be a reward for all the suffering I have been through.

Hi all,

I advise you all to follow the Janina’s advices, she did (and do) a lot of research that might help you. I know that this is a scary situation, but you need to do something and fast, and a good suplementation is super super important.

There was a man here writing for information for his wife who does not have diabetes but does have neuropathy and his name I think was Po1 but where has his message or comment disappeared to? It was placed on Oct 9th. So if he did request to get notifications for this discussion maybe he will come back and see this.

I was composing a long reply to him and then got sidetracked and came back looking for his message to continue and see that his request seems to have evaporated. Or else he deleted it for some unknown reason.

Hi LunaS, can I message or email you privately please, am in distress!!! :sob:

Has anyone else done this and had success? Would love to hear, also from Janina or LunaS if you read this!!! TIA

I helped several people over the years with the approach I took and several of them did get the issue solved between 2004 to 2011 and I do not even remember their names now to be able to try and find them to see if they are still ok or not. I have had no sign of neuropathy since 2003.

I did decide to get the vials of B vitamins to use them to see if it can help me with low blood counts for red cells and platelets and it sure does help me get better blood sugar control too. Since I do not eat much I do use professional grade supplements to ensure I get the nutrition I need. I very rarely drink alcohol and remind people that alcohol drinking in excess is a prime way to get neuropathy. Also anyone taking metformin 500 mg a day 3 times will be at high risk.

Thank you for your reply Janina, is it possible for me to email you?

I have looked at Douglas Laboratories Preventative X, here in Spain the composition is lower & only 4 tablet dosage. I have tried to order from the U.S but not having much luck. Do you think the one I can get here would be sufficient? Also what antioxidants do you recommend? Thank you


You can take more than the advised dosage.