Supplements for neuropathy

I am thinking of picking up alpha lipoid acid , oil of evening primrose and l aceytal carntine, does anyone know dosages , side effects and if they help
Thank you

What about Mg, B3 (niacin) and a good multivitamin?
If you can afford it, consulting with a naturopath would be good, too.


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Thank you will look into it

I can tell you that I used R-Alpha Lipoic Acid for my neuropathy. It was actually beneficial for all of my complications. After diagnosis and beginning insulin the pain and mobility were horrible, beyond words. I started out with 200 units of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and gradually worked my way up to 600 units morning and 600 units in the evening. I did this for about three years.

This supplement made a noticeable difference almost immediately. I was encouraged to use it by all of my doctors even though they had not told me about it. I found it and began using it on my own.

I also take a vitamin B complex which has been helpful as well in my healing. I looked into evening Primrose oil and did not choose to use it. All I used was the R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and basic vitamins along with tight control. My pain and dexterity issues are about 5% of what they were in the beginning.


Thank you , just had anothe emg/nvc monday and the nerves in that leg are worse afterwards. I am trying to have tight control my fasting goes up during the night . When i wake up its 110 , during the day 1 and 2 hrs after a meal its hardly ever peaks more than 130. Can’t do b vitamins as i was also found to be toxic with b6 and the neurologist things with that and the diabetes that is whats causing it , didn’t take any b6 supplement but gave up my other supplements , now its only 5 points above normal, low carb diet and losing weight . Kind of frustrated.

I take 500 mg of l-carnitine once a day and 600 mg of alpha lapoic acid once a day. Has helped me.

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I think i will try those two

Too low a level of B6 is a prime reason for the development of neuropathy. For example the friendly bacteria in the intestines is how the B6 is absorbed so it is a prime reason why the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics can bring it on and people often fail to reestablish the friendly bacteria after a course of antibiotics.

So one man who had an operation on his prostate had been given a series of 5 different courses of antibiotics in a preventive way to hope a bacterial infection would not occur after the operation and 3 of the 5 had been Cipro and what he ended up with was neuropathy even though he was a very slim man from India who did not ever eat meats with B12 in it so B12 would have been low too. So by adapting my approach to the fact he still was working, he was able to be cured in under 4 months. I suggested he use the oral approach at lunch and the injections three times a day, morning, after work and before bed.

Doctors will love to claim something is the cause as long as it is not a drug they prescribed or they love to blame it on so called uncontrolled blood sugar levels, but I doubt that is the cause. I do know when I had the problem that a high blood sugar would make it hurt more, but that is not necessarily pointing to a cause.

Naturally having better controlled blood sugar levels makes the utmost sense, but to avoid all supplements including B6 is definitely not the way to get better. The levels of B6 that would be problematic are huge levels taken orally like over 500 mg a day for long periods. What I had done was use B6 in small amounts taken by injection and that worked ideally but along with everything else.

The amount of B6 I suggest in the professional grade would be 25 mg per dose taken 4 times a day which is 100 mg a day which is far less than what would be considered toxic and even if you are double a level compared to others that does not point to a cause. B vitamins are water soluble and leave the body within 8 hours from the blood except what little can be stored in the liver, but that is not enough to help cure.

Hello, so glad here you are feeling well. Can I ask what brand of alpha acid you used?