I ended up with two Omnipod 5 starter kits

My BC/BS insurance would not pay for an Omnipod 5 starter kit, though it did pay for a supply of the new pods. I appealed the decision but was told it could take awhile, so I decided to purchase the starter kit out of pocket from Costco, which offered it at the best price I could find, $503. Then, a few days after it arrived, I get another starter kit in the mail from Express Scripts, which handles my pharmacy benefit, at no charge. Unfortunately, Costco won’t take back the kit they sent, so I’m stuck with two kits and out $503. I guess I should have been more patient.

It might be a blessing in disguise having an additional PDM in reserve. I kept two for just that reason after having my PDM stolen in Barcelona. Guess they thought it was a wallet. Fortunately, I had pens as a backup

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Hi, Jim! If You still have 2 Omnipod 5, I can buy one!

Where do you live?

In Kazakhstan

I’m not going to ship overseas, thanks.