OmniPod approval

I received a call from Insulet about 10 minutes ago with some very good news-- my insurance company, Blue Cross PPO (California) has agreed to pay for 80% of my OmniPod and supplies! My “initial order,” which consists of the PDM, 5 boxes of pods, and test strips will be $396.40. Of course, this is finalized when Blue Cross sends me the bill in about 4-6 weeks; I’m hoping it won’t go up (but hoping it will go down, heh). After that, a three-month supply (40 pods) will run $221.04.

I should be getting my starter kit in about 5 business days, since they’re actually shipping it out today. Never thought I would say this, but cheers to Blue Cross!

Faye… That is great news on getting approval for the OmniPod. I hope it works out great for you and I believe it will make life a lot freer. You will have to let us know how it works out for you.

I am also looking to start using a pump and the OmniPod is my preferred choice. I have tried two non-operational pods and found no issue with having them on my body. My insurance covers 100% (also Blue Cross in MA) after a large deductible which my company reimburses so I should have minimal out of pocket expense. I have also looked at all the other pumps and I still can’t picture what it would be like being tethered to a pump 24/7. I meet with my nurse next week to help finalize the decision (she likes the MiniMed) and get the paper work going.

Just an FYI, my local Insulet rep told me they were coming out with a new PDA in a month or so. It is supposed to be a little smaller and contain more data that doctors have been requesting. That is all he knew (or was willing to tell me). You may want to ask your rep to see if you can get a free upgrade when it comes out. I just hate get something new only to find out a better version comes out the next day.

Good luck and congratulations