I found acandy wrapper~

Ok…I just came out of my sons room to tell him goodnight and on his bed I found a herserys kiss wrapper. he had snuck it! I talked to him about not going behind my back and lieing to me about candy! to come to me and we will figure out a time for him to have it, but that he could NOT sneak around. HOw do u think I should handle this??

My son did that around easter, he had a small hollow choc. bunny I found it cut up in his closet and he must have been eating a bit here or there. I explained to him that he needed to let me know when he would like some and he can always have it he just needs to get his insulin boost through the pump, I made sure to let him know I was not mad. I was just concerned and wanted him to be the healthiest he could be. I almost didn’t say anything because he must have been feeling bad to have hidden it. He saw that I took the rest out and threw it away and then I brought it up.

I can understand why he’d do it. He’s fairly recently diagnosed and he’s at an age where he’s making decisions on his own. Try not to over react. I agree with your approach, he needs to know that he CAN have candy, you both just have to figure out a way to deal with it. My daughter is 10 and was dx’d about 3 1/2 years ago. She’s on the pump so she’s to the point where she knows what the carbs are for most pieces of candy and she can and does help herself and just boluses for it. She doesn’t always tell me because she doesn’t always want to test first. We sort of have a rough rule where if she has tested within the last hour she doesn’t have to test, she can just cover her food. And while I don’t like the fact that I don’t always know when she is eating candy, I think it’s fairly “normal”, and at least she’s being somewhat responsible. It’s really just usually a piece of gum and it’s about 2 or 3 grams so it’s just not that big of a deal.

So I’m assuming since your son was recently diagnosed that he’s on shots. We always had a bed time snack when we were on shots, something with some fat and protein in it to last through the mid night peak. Let him know that he could have that piece of candy with his snack, it just needs to be counted in to the carb total so that it can be covered. Actually a little chocolate at bed time isn’t that bad, all the fat keeps the peak from happening too soon. Ice cream or yogurt is good too.

Anyway, I think you handled it fine, just make sure you are listening to him and that he doesn’t feel deprived.

Take care.


First of all, don’t beat yourself (or him) up about it too much. I think one of the biggest challenges we face is to teach our children balance of foods with D. We allow our daughter to have a piece with dinner or maybe with a snack and add the carbs to it. We’ve told her how important it is to cover for it and that it can make her next reading a bit high if we don’t (and also make her not feel well). She never was a sweet eater, but once she was diagnosed it became the ‘forbidden fruit’ and it’s something she appreciates. Just keep an open forum with him so he can learn the right way to do it when he’s on his own. Good luck!

I have told her if she eats a food other than at snack time to come to us afterwards and tell us and we will bolus no questions asked. She has done this once or twice, always a small amount of carbs. I do not want her to be afraid to come to us. I fear it may encourage her to cheat sometimes in the future, though. For instance, last night she wanted mini cinnamon buns (we had hidden them) which were only nine grams each, which would be fine, I thought, but it was 9:45 p.m. I did not want to chase highs or insulin all night so I told her no, she could have them tomorrow for snack. She claimed to be hungry and I told her she could eat but not that. Soon there will come a day when she figures out she will just eat it without asking, then come to us. If that happens, it happens. My fault, as I specifically bought the nine gram cinnabons for her, but her Mom did not like the idea of encouraging a sweet tooth, whatever the gram count. She did get them in the end after lunch, three cinnabons at 9 grams each (they are small). Tested BG one hour later and she was 50 points higher than she should have been so bolused for that and she was then in range four hours post meal. I may buy them again, but only for special occasion. P.S. Chocolate is not that bad and if he craves it, I would add it to his snack or as desert after dinner.