I had a strange situation. recently my Dexcom Platinum alarm went off

When the alarm went off it was in the middle of the night. It recorded LOW without a number even like it was below 40 or something so I took a reading with my Omnipod BG sensor and it recorded a HIGH which indicated over 550 reading. I was really confused as they were complete opposites. I drank some orange juice because if I am too low it is more dangerous to crash. and waited about an hour then I got a normal reading. Can't figure out what happened as it has never happened before. Has any one had this happen?

For the Dex, I get false lows if I roll over on the sensor. Idon't have experience with having my PDM give me a reading that far off. To paraphrase my sister-in-law, did you remember to wipe the sugar from the powder donuts off your fingers? jk!

gadgets are not perfect. Love brads thoughts as they are usually the cause. I sometimes test on 3 machines to get clear what is going on. One would think youd feel pretty awful if over 500, so sometimes a good body check in helps. Good this only happens on occasion. My BGs readings get off when sensor is ready for change out..??

Did you wash your hands and recheck with the PDM? I have had some scary highs due to having something on my fingers.

This happened at about 3:00 AM, the alarm woke me. I did not wash my hands though I usually do. I was too sleepy and confused.

There were no sugar donuts, unless I am walking in my sleep, even then I would have to "Sleep-drive" as we don't keep them around the house. I did not feel strange in any way so I just drank the juice to make sure I was not too low. Maybe I should have a 3rd device to test with. I hasn't happened again.