I hate insurance

Ugh Oxford is limiting me to 200 test strips a month. That is about testing 7 times a day. I do about 12ish a day now. This sucks. Well I guess I will be relying more heavily on my CGM

Can’t your doctor do an override? I have heard of that being done commonly and other type 1’s getting 10 a day or more. I get 10 - 900 for 3 months; my doctor didn’t know he could write it for that many as I’m his only type 1. But he just wrote it when I told him others on here got that many and there was no problem. I have heard people having their doctors write special “override” requests that granted more strips than the insurance normally allotted.

Yeah they said your doctor can submit a request for more and they will review it. I’ll make sure he says things like hypo unawareness and other industry buzzwords.

That’s what my Dr does too. Ask him to try it.

I ran into that w/ Blue Cross a few years ago, referencing an old report that I needed 7/day and saying that’s what I needed. I tried calling them up w/o luck. I decided to call, get Blue Cross on the phone first, then the pharmacy and then (because he was the busiest…), the doctor and did a 4 way call.

“I need more strips” “The doctor has to say so” “How many can I have?” “How many the doctor says” “How many do you say?” “How many do you want?” “14/ day” “he needs 14/ day” “when will they be ready?” [pharmacy] “1/2 hour”. It worked really well and I have not had any problems since then?

Wow, good job! Just managing to get all of them on the line at the same time! I have Blue Cross too, but they just sent what the doctor wrote (and the doctor just wrote what I suggested).

Sounds about right. My insurance gives me 100 pen needles a month and I inject 4-6 times a day. And when I ran out of test strips the doctor called it in with no refills. Guess I won’t be diabetic after a month. Yipee!!

Priceless! :slight_smile:

My Dr. did an override with great success. He actually submitted my past year of A1Cs to show improved care with more frequent testing. Totally worth doing!!! Ask, the worst the insurance can say is “no”.