I Hate my Toe Nails!

Look, I realize, I am a guy. I also know that only having diabetes for perhaps only 10 years or so, and generally being well controlled, I'm not at great risk. But for the life of me, I can't figure out why all the panic over using a file to reduce the callous on my feet. To me, that is a non-problem. To me the real problem and my real risk is my nails. Nobody even mentions nail care, clipping nails and nail problems.

I have difficult nails. They are extremely thick, particularly my big toe. I've lost the nails many times. The nails don't give, dropping stuff on my foot invariably causes damage, the nail turns black and falls off. And then there is the ingrown nail problem. I have to carefully trim the nails so they don't become ingrown. And I can't use a regular clipper, I have to use one of those wire cutter like clippers.

Anyone else struggle with nails? How come podiatrists are all focused on callous and nobody ever mentions nails?

I got in trouble once with my podiatrist because I trimmed my own nails so I guess some doctors are concerned about nail care! I let my doctors do the trimming now. I have one problem nail that is thick - I swear it just gets thicker instead of longer. I am currently being treated for a smashed foot that caused me to lose part of the nail on my big toe - it is slowly growing back but not fast enough for me!

I go to the podiatrist every 10 weeks. They never mention callouses. The doc trims my toe nails Also, I have a nail fungus. I have tried many topical things. I refuse to take Lamisol ( it is bad for the liver and you have to take it everyday for about a year) most of the docs have said it doesn’t work anyway. I use a clear nail-polish like stuff on my nails every nite. It has helped to clear up the fungus on some of the nails.

To clear up fungus, I used tea tree oil. Use a Q-tip to cover your nail and around the edges with the oil. The fungus was killed within a few days, but I kept applying the oil until the nail was totally grown out. My nail nail bed started to clear within a week or two.

Lamisil and the prescription meds are terrible stuff.

The only other thing that really worked was dropping a cinderblock, then my toenail dropped off. No toenail, no fungus! Trust me, the tea tree oil hurts less.

Thanks bsc I’ll get some tea tree oil and try it. Actually, before using what I am currently using I used Vicks Vaporub. It stinks but it did clear up the fungus . Then it didn’t work any more. I think I’ll skip the cinder block.

Well toenail fungus must be a problem BSC and a profitable one at that. My podiatrist who I have been using is leaving his practice with his partner because his partner is only going to do the toenail laser fungus treatments. So like lasik now we have it for toenails. Dollars drive the business you know. Dont be surprised to see more ads for this.

I have in-grown toenails and let the podiatrist handle them. I have the fungus too and have had moderate success fighting it.
My podiatrist said 60% of middle aged adults have it in some form or another. The podiatrist I was using always went for the callouses too but I politely told him about Dr B and told him to leave them alone.

What does Dr. B say about callouses?

Dr B says dont do anything with them because of a danger to a diabetic in removing them.

Well I was recently at the podiatrist and there is a new spin now for fungus toenails. Formula 3. Has anyone used this stuff. It is only sold by the podiatrist and is 30 bucks a bottle but he says the stuff works. I am trying it. He says you will see significant improvement in 8-10 weeks.

One of the things too he explained was that you need to aggresively treat the fungus on your nails because the fungus falls off and then irratiates the skin on the bottom of the foot and can travel up the leg. He said keep on it.

I have been using Formula 3 for over a year. It does clear up the fungus to a point, but only on 2 nails was it cleared up completely.

Have you tried filing your toenails with a nail file? If you’re careful, a metal nail file might do the trick better than cutting them with a clipper. I’ve also seen somebody grind their toenails with a Dremel Tool-like device. I don’t know if that hurts or not though. Talk to your podiatrist about filing or grinding your nails down to size. Don’t drop things on your feet; that could cause damage.

Thanks bsc, the tea tree oil has worked on about 3 of my toe-nails. I have been using it since the discussions last summer. Even the ones that aren’t cleared up look better. They aren’t cracking any more and they have thinned down. My podiatrist ( she is very educated ) says to use it 'cause it lubricates the nails.

I’m glad it worked out. I have had a flare up and have restarted the tea tree oil treatment. It is good to know that there is some confirmation that the tea tree oil helps.