Toenail avulsion

So my podiatrist wants to take off both of my big toe toenails to clear up a fungus I got a couple of years ago - my constant need to cover my feet (thanks T1) is making a mockery of the topical treatments I’ve tried. Laser was an option we discussed but as the only podiatrist in the area who performs that treatment works out of a hair salon, I declined the laser. Anyone out there who has had the removal process done have advice? :anguished:

If the entire nail is affected down to the root, I can’t see how removing the nail without doing something to kill the fungus would help. Is the podiatrist planning to permanently remove the nails so they do not grow back? I know some women have that done, then apply toenail polish to the “skin” to mimic a toenail. Have you tried oral Lamisil to kill the fungus? Has the podiatrist done cultures of the nail to make sure it is in fact fungus and which one, so as to pick a suitable antifungal? If you do decide to have the nails removed, as long as your blood sugars are under good control and you have good circulation to the toes, it should heal fine with proper care. Also, after undergoing whatever treatment you plan, spray your shoes with Lysol or other antifungal sprays and alternate shoes. (Not saying you don’t already know all this, just trying to help.) Let us know what you ultimately decide to do.

:relaxed: - yes she’s taking both nails permanently - this all started with “runners toe” after a charity walk a couple of years ago - she has cultured the fungus but I don’t know the name of the stuff - kinda space out in the chair. I’ll have to cover the nail beds with an anti fungal each morning for about a year after the removal so no nail polish - too bad I can’t get a tattoo!