I Hate This!

So, I'm Diabetic type 2 but obviously everyone here is >.<. i'm 16 years old, been a diabetic for the past 7 years. i Just hate it ! Everything about it . insulin. checking my sugars. pills. i know i should be doing fine because I'm a " Pro " but damn , i cant accept it ! i don't feel normal at all. help ! doctors , actually have told i can end up with some diffrent family, because in my case my mom is being defiance( i dont know how to spell ) of my health

Whoa, sweetie....I'm T2 and controlling with only diet and exercise for 7 years. You have a lot of options available to you. And you are young enough to experiment with all those options.

But first of all, are you sure your diagnosis is correct?

You have an engaging story to tell and we can help you reshape it to your needs, but you need to give us a little more detail......We want to help. Tell us how. Be clear....

Mmm. Elena. On your page you say that your Mom is the person you are concerned with. Let's clear this up. Our common scourge impacts old and young differently!

Blessings, sweetie. We want to help......Judith in Portland...

Wow… You are very young to be diagnosed with t2. Tough disease to deal with. Are you sure you are type 2? I’m just wondering because of your age at diagnosis. Exercise is helping me. I wasn’t big to begin with but I lost five lbs and it is helping along with diet and exercise. Hugs to you

I would have hated this as a teenager too. There's enough challenges in your life without having to deal with diabetes. Generally, I would recommend reaching out to people with knowledge & experience when you need help.
What is the thing that is most frustrating for you right now?

This is a very confusing post since in her profile it says her mom is the one with Diabetes.

Well the doctors , said I am type 2, which a lot of people get a little concerned , but in my family it runs a lot type 2 diabetes. My mom and father and grandparents ( from both sides ) have type 2 diabetes. You see, i was a really chubby kid when i was 9 years old, and when i got diagnose , i lost over 20 lbs in just a little time of period ( 1 month to be exact ) and that was when i went on vacation to visit my family in another state ( Colorado )
i been trying to manage it , at first i was good A1C was perfect but for the past 3 years , my A1C has been high 11 , even the 13% . I

So how have you been managing your diabetes? Do you take shots? I have T2 and I take two shots a day for my basal insulin and then take shots for each meal or when my blood sugar is too high. Is that what you do?

I also avoid sugar and starches. I pretty much eat meat, seafood, dairy and non-starchy veggies.

If your A1C has been 11-13 for the past 3 years, Elena, you might consider seeing an endocrinologist or switching to a new one if you don't. You need to be on an insulin regimen such as Brian describes, whichever type you are. Is your mom interfering with your insulin regimen? You said you might have to end up with a new family because your mom is being "defiant" of your health. What exactly does that mean?