Type 2 and hate it

Hi I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 2 years ago and I have denied having the illness.
I have refused all treatment and made life hard for the doctors, nurses and family as i still can not come to terms with it.
I just want to for get about the illness as it makes me feel very depressed and lonely as I don’t know anyone with diabetes and don’t know how or were to start to make changes to get the blood sugar down.

Welcome to the forum - Nobody is here to judge your life choices and we are not about to tell you what to do or not to do. You have vast resources here of individuals that have been in your position and can share with you what baby steps they have taken to help themselves get under control.

You have taken the first step and can now no longer say that you don’t know anyone with diabetes. There are a few of us around here that have dealt with this scourge for decades or have helped loved ones get and stay under control.

Ask us anything specific you want to know or tell us a little about yourself and we can let you know the small steps we have taken that eventually led to full control. You get to pick and choose what you think may work for you.

In the meantime, best of luck!!! You can do it.


@Swt for better or worse, you’re now a member of the tribe. Welcome! Now you have choices - ignore reality and be depressed which will cause you untold medical complications in the future, or stand up and fight! Fight for a normal long life with family and friends. Fight for quality of life (BTW the fight gets easier day by day, it’s the beginning that’s the hardest).

If you need support, there are members here who can help or point you to resources near you.

Oh, you are not alone. The majority of Californians have diabetes or prediabetes — most do not know it yet! I am sure this probably is true for any state (or close). This is based on this report created by University of California, Los Angeles:

You have joind TuDiabetes, so you are not alone. Everyone here is very helpful and most of all — understands not only how to manage their diabetes but to deal with all the emotions that come with this diagnosis.

Welcome to the forum!

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Sorry you are having a tough time accepting the diagnosis. Now what you need to do is ask yourself,“do I want to live a longer life by following sensible life-style adjustments, OR do I want to say screw it and deteriorate at an accelerated rate and die early?”.

Those are your two choices, No one that you know can make that decision for you.

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As i posted today this is my 10th anniversary of being diagosed, I was ignorant and way out of control. Today, it is just a part of my life. Food choices, exercise requirements, medicine (which i have not used in years) checking BG levels.
At 73 I seem to be in much better condition than others my age.

One thing is important is that you can’t go back in time to correct out of control BG levels. I would hate to have missed the last and next ten years.

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So sorry you have D. Millions of people are struggling with this disease.

Start slowly by trying metformin, the safest drug, changing your diet to lower carbs and foods that spike you and by being more active if you arent and are able. There are so many tools available that can help now.

I’m sure you know that over time high bg will cause severe damage. 5 years of uncontrolled high bg will damage your vison, your kidneys, your nerves and many other organ systems.

I hear talk online all the time of diabetic anniversarys. I can’t even remember what month I was dx’d, much less the day. Besides which I was diabetic long before a doctor finally realized the errors of all the other doctors that I’d seen in years prior that were too clueless to realize I had high blood sugar. sigh.

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@T2Tom congrats on your Dia-versary! :birthday: Always nice to see empowered D-peeps. :blush:

I probably went for years undiagnosed. Actually my PC at the time retired and it took me a year plus to find another doctor. I was great at putting things off.
No family history of diabetes ( i have since found 1) non obese, active age 63.
For me it was just a wake up call that I needed to find out what to do to take care of my self. FB at 323 was not it.

That was 10 years ago. Long story short, I worked real hard with some great professional and friends to work with. My last 7 years of A1c was less than 6.0 and diet and exercise only.

Nothing magical, just hard work and low carb. 73 now, glad to be that old. And no complications

I still have the print out of my blood work from diagnosis. OMG thankfully things have changed.

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Maybe an easy way to start accepting your condition while still feeling like you’re in control of your life would be to actively join any local Diabetes Walks or hospital support groups. This forum is a great start for generating support but because it’s an online forum, it provides the kind of communication and support that is internalized and not so much outwardly discussed. Maybe you would benefit from physically being in the presence of other people with T2 so you can relate more intimately with them. It will also make you feel like the experience of meeting other people with T2 is a real and tangible aspect of your life that you can absolutely take control of.

I too was going to suggest calling your local hospital to find a support group and Certified diabetes Educater. They will help you figure out what is for you . We are all individuals and have different needs. Not all our food or exercise plans are alike. Knowing how to count carbs,and exercise are important.welcome to the group. Life can be great again with a bit of help.:sunglasses:Nancy50