I hate to ask

Gotta do it.

What is your plan for returning to work when asked to do so?

I’m curious in your risk analysis and what is your line in the sand for returning/not returning when restrictions are lifted.

I will go when they call. I will be covered up completely. I think we may be called back too soon.

I work as a software developer and feel this new working from home isn’t a disadvantage. If we are told its time to resume going to the office I will request I continue to work from home.

We all need to work and have an income to support our families but if it’s not absolutely needed to go into an office I think most people should not.

It’s going to be a while before this is mostly behind us.

(For the record I do missing into into the office and look forward to it when the time is right).

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I’m currently working from home. I’ve heard that several school districts have asked teachers to provide childcare for kids of essential workers. I hope they don’t ask me to do this, because it’s too high-risk for me. I won’t be returning to work in-person until the risk is considered low, especially because I rely on public transit to commute.

Thankfully, the government has told us that this will be our “new normal” until a vaccine is available. I’m not sure what might happen with schools in September. There’s no talk of opening up anytime soon.

I have covid right now. I was told we are virtual teaching for the rest of the semester. I would not return before that anyway. My family and I will probably be moving back to Canada and I will retire early soon.


As soon as they say I can go back, I’ll be back.

I more than over this whole thing.

@meee my thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone who has covid-19! Hang in there!


Thanks Tapestry, it is rough. I have double pneumonia, light though. I am stable and monitoring myself at home, I was on z pack already. Tests were negative but my doc says it is def false negative. Terrible back pain on and off. Pulse ox, bp, is stable, a low temp on and off. Heart rate goes up a bit sometimes but not too high. I am doing breathing exercises and walks when possible, housework. And chillaxing with my kitties. Isolating from my family. Vit c in juice, eating, lidocaine patches and painkillers help as well as the breathing etc. Anyone who thinks this is a joke or like the flu, it is not, this is really bad, my whole body is fighting it. It is much more deadly and much more contagious. By the way, it is transmitted through the fecal oral routes as well. Like sars cov 1. I started out with swelling in my throat, bad runs and bad headache, I thought it was a migraine. I still have headache and intestinal symptoms as well. And my bg is crashing a lot, a sign of what I am fighting off.


I’m sending you lost of virtual hugs!


How long until your better, you think?

Will you be relieved that you can just go walking around, without fear, like a God after some weeks? You think its better to just get it over with?

You gonna donate your plasma? Have they asked you to? They say that they are using that to make three other people immune.

You’ll have to post that BG data when this is all said and done.

I hope you feel better soon. If you run out of stuff to watch on TV, let us know, and we’ll make you a list of good stuff.


Sending you good thoughts and hugs @meee, praying you start to feel better soon.


I will gladly return to work and plan to take my usual bus and train to get there.

While I’m largely able to work from home I am still one of the 3 guys in my department who is classified as “essential”. And the chief of police even gave me a letter telling any cops who pulled me over that I’m essential.

I have driven in to work a couple times in the past month.


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I don’t know. My doc said it can take a few weeks. And there is so much confusion about how long I have to isolate from my family. I just had a video visit with her. She said for 3 days after I have no fever and symptoms. First isolation is 14 days to 3 weeks while you are sick. But I have pneumonia and those symptoms can go on for a few weeks.

I thought the bad pain was a bit better but then I did not put my lidocaine patch on after a shower and it came right back with tightness in my chest etc. I have it in 24/7. I often feel I have a big rubber band tight around my chest but most of the pain is in my back.

My doc said I am not out if the woods yet, by end of this week I prolly will not get very severe and need to be hospitalized. So I have to keep monitoring everything and go back to er if I get worse. It is a nightmare. I don’t know when this awful pain will end and if I will get very severe or not. She said fever is not a predictor of the severe complications.

I would give blood if they want it but I think I will need an antibody test first especially since my test was neg. if I go back to er, which the covid line thought yesterday I should because my breathing was worse but pulse ox is good, she said it could be a ventilation problem, she said they would test me again. The field hospital was closed due to weather so they would have had to isolate me in the regular er. I am also on blood thinners after having a second dvt in October so I don’t know if I am allowed to. I have to ask my hematologist.

I feel mixed about it, because what if the test was correct and I don’t have it and by some fluke I got a different viral double pneumonia and all of the symptoms in the middle of this pandemic, very unlikely, then I could still be vulnerable. But yes it would be a relief, I could go out and shop for my family. It has been very difficult to get grocery deliveries. But I have to wait until I am not shedding the virus obviously to do anything. And there seems to be o clear cut way to know.

I think I will still need the vaccine for this because they don’t know how long immunity lasts after you have it. I would guess it would give you protection for life on some level but like influenza it could be you will need to keep getting re vaccinated for new strains as well.

One thing I can say is this is like nothing else I have had, I can feel this virus is trying to kill me for sure.

Today I had worse breathing when I woke up but pulse ox was good. I think the combo of pneumonia, the virus and asthma is not good. I used albuterol and that helped quite a bit. I need to use it more. My doc rx a new inhaler as well, similar to albuterol but it does not cause the heart rate reactions. She said don’t take a oral pred because it is bad with covid.


Thanks so much Trying💕

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I know of someone who had it and is Type 1. That person felt really crummy about three weeks before starting to feel a little bit better.

Hang in there!!

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Similar. When I’ve mentioned I’m a software developer, people know immediately that working from home is just normal for me. Like yourself, I do miss going in a bit, not because of the people, but there is a bit of excitement about going in, my 15-minute walk to work, albeit intensely, going out for lunch, seeing people and the buzz of Manhattan streets.

Where I work is very safe - a cancer center - and it declared everyone had to work from home as soon as it became evident, except for essential medical staff and support. I’ve thought about the moment when the request will come in for going back to work, and in my imagining it is too soon and I decline, but in truth, they won’t be asking us to come back unless it is very safe, and now that the institution has ramped up to have so many people working remotely, they won’t be rushing us.

Just thinking before, how for many people this isn’t about going back to work, it is about seeing loved ones and friends, knowing they are okay, enjoying life, going for walks, exercising. I’m lucky to be able to live this way - even never leaving our apartment, we are comfortable - and don’t have to suffer the pain of not working, but I do think about what matters, and what matters most is our lives.


I’ll follow public health guidance for people with pre-existing conditions, and I’ll be thankful if they’re more refined to more specifically address people with diabetes. (The interpretation of following that guidance will be my own… not necessarily my employer’s) Luckily I’m in a pretty good position with a lot of paid time off and not terribly worried about the consequences of making a stand.

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Thanks :two_hearts: I saw a man who is type 1 in England’s video who had it and he was able not to be admitted. They took him once by ambulance at one point but they decided he was ok. He said it took three weeks too, but I don’t know if he developed pneumonia. I hope this pain gets better soon. I recommend the breathing exercises and walking or some activity to help your lungs as well. Vit C is very important for the pneumonia. They are giving that iv to inpatients. Wish I could do that myself.


I left a little sooner than the official shut down. My company was lagging behind most other companies with similar capability. I expect to be called back before I am comfortable. I would like to see the 2nd wave announce itself first. MN has been super proactive, but there will always be companies that are less responsive and capable. I haven’t had this job for very long. I accepted mainly because of my drivers license problems and its close proximity to home. But, I expect to see a bit of a boom when things start up again. I’ll take this job and shove it, no questions asked. I feel less than impressed with our management after this. I’ve never been a fan of working for people I dont trust.

I guess people my age have seen too much by now to have any particular loyalty to any particular employer. I liked the job. But, this aint my first recession. Shouldn’t feel bad for them because Lord knows, they dont feel bad for you.

To my previous employers: