I have a confession :(

Ok,here’s the truth, I’ve totally been slacking this week and hoping that my confession will get me back on track. I get very lazy sometimes where I just don’t want to be diabetic ( who doesn’t ) but I take it a step further. I skip testing for a day or so. I’m type 1 on the pump and instead of putting in my carbs I just put in how many units I think I need and estimate how I feel. Well that didn’t go to well cause today when I tested my sugar it was 515. I got it back on track tonight it was 90 but I am just exhausted. I don’t need hate mail and warnings I know it all already. I’m living with bad complications due to earlier non compliance. I just keep swaying from having a grip to not having a grip. I am just one of those people that just is not good at this.
Frustrated in Florida

It's okay. We all have bad days. Don't worry, just hang in there :)
Wishing you all the best,
Vrinda :)

very true vrinda, we do have bad days now and again, this week is a bad week for me also, ah sure we arent perfect, dont worry about it renka,
diana :-)

When I was younger, I could easily swing between below 100 and 400 without feeling any different. Mentally or physically... In other words, I didn't care much. Or notice much that I was high. Fortuantely, I didn't swing that drastically much, mainly because I usually have a boring diet routine. Today I'm frustrated with myself for not being more careful.

I've always hated sticking my finger for testing. Followed the development of non-evasive meter development for ever, to not see it come to reality. Constant glucose monitors now have my interest. I just recently started on a pump, so I'm thinking now that two inserts may not be as bad as I thought. It sure is a mental thing for me to accept the "connection" thing. That's one of the reasons it took me so long to get on a pump. But, now that I'm on it I'm very glad. I hope I can come to cope with this idea of two devices connected to me soon. I know it will mean a big difference.

I do understand your feeling quite a bit. I've been told that diabetes does affect your emotions, especially in extremes of BG numbers. Sometimes I've felt that I almost want to stay high so I have a reason to be blue. Most that know me consider me very positive in attitude. But the depression does come around, and it does get deep sometimes.

I wish you the best and to have better luck in the future.

I know your feeling but look around yourself and think on someone you want to see growing every day or someone you want to be there for them or think about people that love you ... they want to have you forever! ... I am sure there is at least one of those ... unfortunately diabetes is like that ... ups and downs but NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!! we will fight it, we will be ok and I never lose your hope that the cure will come one day ... meanwhile let's try to focus and find something positive we do like and do it more often ... I am here if you need me. :)

All of us who've been diabetic for a while have been there. Glad you're okay.

To me, however appealing it might be to blow off testing, I am way too curious about what's going on and sort of trying to beat every test to do that. My closest was when the doc said "you need to do a good log for a month to get a pump". My immediate reaction was "$#*! that, I'll just fictionalize it..." but, when I sat down to do it, I couldn't unplug myself from wanting to know what the numbers were.

Yes, been there - done that! Whenever I try to give myself the number of units I "think" I need, I'm usually wrong. I've come to realize that for me my best control is by testing BG a lor more. It's amazing how much better I feel when control is good and how rotten when control is bad.

Ditto to all the above comments. You are definitely not alone...good luck!!!

Thanks everyone… I ended up in the hospital for a few days. I just got out today. I started to use my pump properly! Keep your fingers crossed for me. My goal is to find a new nurse in my area to keep me pumped to keep on top of my pump! Thanks

Take care of yourself. Learn to love you :)
we are here if you need us.

Wonder if my experience has some similarity...I like plain yogurt and can't resist it, but knew if I took enough insulin to cover it I would be gaining weight fast, so I didn't take enough, and got a frozen shoulder as a result both due to the high calcium and the high sugars in the lactose. I would never buy the fruit flavoured yogurts, but the plain with lemon juice added was as good as ice cream and I was having it too often. I stopped for 8 years, but then saw it on a deep discount sale and got quite a few and got a second frozen shoulder. So now I just never buy yogurt. Maybe I will when I am as slim as I want to be

ah sorry to hear that you were in hospital,but hope you are feelin better, when i found out when i had diabeties my ma warned me not to go mad with sugary food,i was saying i be grand and that i could get back on the day after, last weekend i went on an outing, eat some foods with high sugar, my sugar levels were very high, i was sick for two days solid, now i believe my mother as i went threw it. i feel i dont want to feel like that again so iam not going to take advanatage of my diabetics again and eat healthy