New pen

I’m a new insulin and pen user and tips would be greatly appreciated. I’m using the apidra clickstar:)

Hey Alicia! When I first started using pen needles, I had some weird results (like I always do with everything), such as referred pain 5-6 inches from the injection site. I found some good tips on BD's web site ( that helped me.

For example, I was told to pinch the skin before injecting, but with the small needles BD recommends NOT to pinch and to inject perpendicular to the skin. Tried that and the referred pain issue stopped!

I always prime a new needle, but usually only with 1 unit, not two as frequently recommended. I tried skipping this step at the beginning, but had a pen jam on me and watched 10 units stream out of it after removing it from my skin!

Overall, it's been a much less worrisome experience than someone with needle-phobia like me expected!

Good luck!

I've been using pens, also. But I use Humalog and Lantus pens. For me, its less painful to inject on the fatty part of my tummy or my thighs. You don't have to pinch your skin, but sometimes it prevents from pain. One issue I've had is the insulin will keep dripping out of the pen even after I inject it! But anyway, pens are awesome! :D Good luck!

Yeah, I couldn't believe they only included one tip these pens (mines a Humalog Quik Pen) and that needle bent almost immediately....SHEESH!

i use novolog and lantus, both in pens, and i like it.

my only tips are to:

1.) watch the temperature. make sure they stay cool and/or at room temp.

2.) always do a test 'squirt'. i usually turn the pen to about 1-2 units before injecting, just to ensure it is coming out.

hope you like the pen!

I haven't had any bent needle tips yet! thank god :) but i can't inject in my stomach i've found a good spot where it doesn't hurt anymore to inject but the insulin does burn vs using my thighs or bum..haven't tried arms yet tho...

i always keep my insulin room temp and if I go out I make sure it stays cool..don't want it going back ..i also ALWAYS prime 1 unit..good thing too cuz a few weeks ago my pen broke and I only noticed because I primed :P

so far enjoying the pen..would much rather a pump tho!

Yeah, way back in the day, I used to inject in my stomach, but it seems lately that I've just gone straight to the backs of my arms. I actually calculated the number of injections I'd given myself in my lifetime, and since 1978 its been around about burnout!

yeah i am thinking about a pump too. ive had diabetes since 2005 and have never pumped, but from ths things i've seen on this website, pumping seems to be the way to go.

guess i will talk w/my DR about it!

I use a Levemir pen. The only time I have it burns is when I hit a blood vessel and that will also a bruise. I always hold the plunger down for a count of 7 or so and then leave it in for a count of 30. Even then most of the time there will be one drop of insulin come out after I remove the needle from the skin. Since I am "pleasingly plump" I had no end of sites I can use but use my thighs mostly. I didn't pinch at first but I do now. Don't remember why I changed but just did. I have also injected in my stomach and the back of my arms. I use Walmart's brand pen needles and have never had one bend or any other defects that I remember.

I'm new to pens, insulin, the whole thing, (still trying to learn if I am Type 1 or 1.5 or 2) and have the following questions:

1. If my dose is small (Novolog 1 to maximum 3 units - mostly 1 or 2 units) - is the droplet that dribbles out (I do hold the pen in for a count of 10 to 20) significant in that it will unbalance the insulin/carbohydrate ratio?

2. I've tried the pinch, no pinch and still find 1. bruising 2. bleeding more often than not. The abdominal area (the area with the most fat for me) tends to work better, but still leaves bruising. I weigh 93 pounds and I can't seem to inject in the thighs or arms without bruising.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I may be switching to Apidra to match better my post meal sugar peaks with insulin peak activitiy.

Yeah the same thing happened to me, where the insulin keeps dripping out after you inject, i solved this problem for holding the needle in for longer.However sometimes i inject accidentally into some muscle or something because it really hurts and sometimes bleeds, and occasionally when i inject on my thighs the insulin kind of pools at the top of my skin. But i try to focus primarily on my tummy.

hi I am 6 weeks diagnosed t2 diabetic and on levemir and Humalog both leave droplets after I inject my self and I count to 12 seconds, sometimes I count faster cause it burns and have had bruising and some small amounts of bleeding and I weigh 265 lbs and I use the bd 4mm nano but the fattier part of my belly seems to works best
for the injections and have not encountered bent needles yet


In the 20+ years I've been a Type 1 I have almost never not seen a leftover drop after injections. I always make sure to push in on the plunger hold maybe 5sec and then pull it out. In an attempt to get all the insulin used I'll wipe the drop or graze the injection site with the drop hoping it will get in via osmosis or gravity.

For the burning sensation sometimes it's due to Alcohol Swabbed are not being completely dry or because of difference in temp between body temp and the colder insulin temp.

Another thing to note is that Insulin Pens are designed so that there is a leftover amount of insulin left in them.
As to injecting under or outside of the fatty area of the arm I took years before I even attempted that but that definitely helps increase areas to use so you don't have a bunch right next to each other consecutively.