I have lost my confidence in pumping

Sorry to here that you are haveing problems with air. I have a co worker that had the same problem now he gets his cartrages prefilled and no more problems.
Just a thought.


My bed is not up against the wall, so I can rule that out! I understand what an infection does - been there, done that - I did have MRSA! I appreciate your help!

Zoe, before they replaced the first pump, I actually met with someone from Animas to watch me & make sure I was doing it right. I can rule out the RF stuff because I don’t use the meter - I was in the car about 2 weeks ago going to an eye appointment and had to remember how to lnk them! The thing making me really lean towards the pump is that it was very quiet before and is now making a loud noise - that was why she said she was going to replace it right away.

One thing I asked them about with the first one was the insulin. I know Chere said that she had insulin go bad that killed the motor on hers. That is one common thread that concerns me! I have been having insulin issues so I keep wondering about that.

How do you get prefilled cartridges? I didn’t know you could do that.

I think the cartridge might be the problem:

I don’t have one of those cartridges - I actually put that post on my blog so I checked my lot numbers. Animas asked me the lot number when I called this morning. Although that doesn’t necessarily rule it out!

Kelly, that wouldn’t rule out some other factor that affected both pumps. I’m just trying to think of all the variables. If you tell Animas that you are now having the same experience with the second pump they may send someone out to problem solve - user error is only one possibility and filling the cartridge is only one type of user error. If you have had insulin issues I would try a new batch of insulin. But some type of damage may already have been done to the new pump.

I called Animas this morning before i posted this Zoe - they are actually replacing the pump because of the louder sound. They asked me some questions about how I did stuff but you would think they would have tried to rule out other stuff before saying they would replace it. It took about a week the last time for them to make that decision.

The insulin issue actually started back in Dec. My vials are dying out after 10 days. Once I I figured that out, I automatically toss them at day 10 (which really irritates me to throw insulin away!). I had a vial last week only last about 8 days.

They have discovered the problem very late so the cartridges were already sold. I would assume they just narrowed it down to these lots. But as you wrote this does not rule out anything. Call Animas and tell them that your cartridges show the same problem as the recalled lots. Very likely Animas has to extend the list of defective lot numbers. Insist on new cartridges. These things are only made from plastic so the financial investment for Animas is a joke - in contrast to your risk of using them.

OK, I will call them back. I did talk to someone this morning & they are replacing the pump, but she also said that she did not have access to her computer.

Oh, well if they are replacing the pump then you can go from there and hope it doesn’t happen again and that the problem is gone.

Yes, I remember you talking about the insulin. I can’t remember if you said you had asked your medication provider to replace them. I once was concerned about how my insulin arrived and Medco said they thought it was fine but if I was concerned they would replace it. They did go ahead and charge me my $25 again for the 3 months of replacement insulin, but I didn’t mind that.

You ARE having a difficult weekend! Hang in there. Do something nice for yourself to make up for all the hassles.

Sanofi Aventis did replace one vial. It just seems strange with the insulin the first week is fine. I found someone up in NY that was having the same problem - it was fine for about 10 days. She ended up switching insulin because her insurance changed and did not cover Apidra.

I should just crawl in bed until tomorrow!

I am not sure how he started on using them. He gets them trough a pharamphcy in Minn. I can get more info when I see him

Another thing I was just wondering about, Kelly is what they learned about the first pump. I’m guessing they refurbished it so they probably had their techs go through it with a fine toothed comb to see what the issues were. I don’t know how likely it is you could get hold of the results, but it would sure be nice if you could!

I don’t know yet about that Zoe. They told me I could call 2 months after they received it back and then it would still take another 2 weeks to get the report. I actually had that on my list to call on Monday.

Thanks! I never heard of that but it is worth a try.

Cool, I thought it was a longshot, but it sounds like you might actually get some info that way. You definitely have had me put on my thinking cap today!

Let us know how it goes. I can only imagine how frustrated you must be. I hate things that don’t seem to make sense! (Don’t know where I got this idea that things are supposed to be logical!)

Kelly, I am sure that they told those people that first reported problems with the cartridges that there was no problem also. There always has to be many of them before they start looking at the problem, and even then, it takes time for a recall to happen. That is not just Animas, it has happened several times with each pump company. In the meantime they blame the customer or your technique. SO frustrating. I would imagine that a bad cartridge could damage a pump for sure. I would think that they would agree to replace your cartridges or at least some of them. Maybe don’t put the new pump on for a couple of days. Let it run and see if the bubbles continue to be a problem. maybe even carry it around with you so that it gets jostled around a bit.

I thought with the bad cartridges people could feel something wet when they took them out - I can’t remember that for sure. The cartridges I am using actually came back in Jan when I was having the problem. Animas sent me 2 overnight because I wasn’t expecting my order unitl the next week and this batch came the day they sent theirs.

I would really like to know what happened.