"I like Food"

I just came back from San Antonio, I went because the school took me and some of my classmates to a United Nations Model, It was awesome I learned a lot of things this few days. Since the way United Nations solve problems worldwide until the way Multinational Corporations operate.

But I learned too that going on trips with your friends makes you FAT! All trip we ate tons of non-healthy things, from eating a BIG HAMBURGER to the taste of an incredibly delicious slice of pizza and of course impossible to resist from tasting that chocolate ice cream you see in the menu, after all the only reason you order quickly is for you to get more quickly to that part we ALL love the most, DESSERTS.

The difficult part wasn’t when I had to speak about Singapore’s position in the topic being discussed, instead it was when it all finished, when I went to the restaurant and had to make the most difficult decision of my life at that moment, pointing out that it didn’t imply rates of taxes or the most effective measures to combat terrorism, that decision would define how would I manage and control, maybe not nation but myself.

Everything in the menu looked so inviting and so good I couldn’t resist, everytime I was in a restaurant my mom looked at me like saying: “please don’t eat that” I always respond: “sorry to say it but I like food.”

What didn’t looked good and I definitely didn’t liked was the final result; my sugar levels, the first three days were tough although at the end I started to manage the food I ate, thanks god diet coke will always be my favorite guest!

Once in there I tried to seek for food which involves vegetables, they saved my life, although it was difficult to see my classmates eating that delicious chocolate cake, that I have to admit I had to try! but hey I like food can’t stop myself from doing it.

Leave a comment in here and tell me what food is the one you love the most, the one that saves your life, also tell me who is your favorite guest that thing that’s ALWAYS in your menu.


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I did Model UN in college…and definitely …the food situation with friends was a lot harder than the conference itself, but it sounds like the experience was fun!
I don’t have a favorite food at the moment but varies with the year/time of the month… lately I’ve been craving nori (a sea vegetable) which tastes really good just baked for a few mintues and sprinkled with salt…Eggs tend to be more of a life saver…so many ways to prepare that don’t take a lot of effort, iron and protein which helps keep me filled