[ Draft ]

With my boring post explaining my absence out of the way I can move on to more boring topics… Lets see…Oh yes, I went to a party with a few friends and family the other night. I’m not a party gal, but it had been a while and my little sister was all thrilled and raring to go, so I went along. It was nice especially compared to other visits. But there was one thing I noticed that struck me funny…Life is centered around food here, people are actually offended if they offer you and you don’t take it, and if you refuse seconds…clearly you hated their cooking. So they came around with the desert trays and other food bits and I politely declined because I had just eaten dinner an hour beforehand and was full but also I knew that I had a good healthy blood sugar level I wasn’t about to ruin. So they argued with me and said “no you have to try it, I made it!” and I said “I’m sure it’s wonderful but I really can’t.” which was not sufficient I said “really I’m full.” and finally someone said "don’t you remember she has “the sugar in her blood.” hahaha ok. thanks. yes, I have the sugar so thanks but no thanks. She was like "oh yeah ok, and then sadly walked to the next person who happened to be a lady I know who has type 2 diabetes (a.k.a “also has the sugar in her blood”. hahaha) and had just spent an hour talking to me about how she can’t figure out why she feels so bad all the time, because she takes her pills. (but she also eats whatever she wants not understanding that just taking the pill won’t keep her from feeling the ill effects of eating a huge meal of only deserts.) So she takes a handful of the desert and tells the lady who cooked them how great it is. The lady continues serving everyone feeling happy that someone liked her food and still ticked that I didn’t try it.

I think it’s weird and kinda of funny that while it might not have been the most polite thing, instead of realizing that I was making a good choice for my health, I was the rude freak that won’t eat.
The lady with type 2 was the sweetheart that complimented everyone on their deserts but made a bad choice for her health and went home feeling crappity.