I love my new site

OK, so I am on attempt # 3 at using the back of my arms as an infusion site.

Attempt # 1 went great until my clumsy self bumped into the doorframe walking into the kitchen. The frame caught my set just right and yanked it out after all of 15 hours with it in.

I went back to the belly again because I dont like the results I get with my thigh.

About a week later, I decided to try again. for attempt # 2 I picked a spot less likely to hit a door frame (you would be surprised at how clumsy I am normally, when I am low i am a hazard to my apartment and my poor little pug) and I love it! I moved over to the other arm this morning. LOVE IT!! I keep my pump in my bra 99% of the time. It is so nice to feel so much less like a cyborg from the waist down! no tubing in my fly this week baby!!!!

Hey Kathy!

I too have tried an arm site a couple times. I’ve really liked them for the most part!