I May Have Voted Twice

My wife and I voted this afternoon. I entered the booth, pulled the lever to close the curtains and voted for the president and then I heard a lady yell, “You did not sign the book. You have to do that before you vote”. So I pulled the lever for my vote back up and opened the curtains. Then the lady said “That’s OK, vote and then sign the book.” So I did. I think I may have voted twice. I pulled that lever twice.

In the meantime my wife had gone to another booth to vote. She had signed the book. She was inside her booth and had started to vote and someone yelled “You cannot use that booth, that is for a different district.” She left her booth and came over to my booth and voted.

We both made mistakes but we both voted. I think we should be banned from the polls the next time we go there.

I still may have voted for the president twice. I din’t say anything. The people manning the polls were not too sharp. They should have been watching us more closely. They could have warned both of us BEFORE we had entered the booths. The place was not very busy at that time.