Fed up with your federal government's support of health care policy/economic policy/etc.?

Here’s something you can do: volunteer with whichever political campaign you think will do the most good in an upcoming election.

Yesterday evening the Mr. and I volunteered with the Obama campaign to canvass a neighborhood in our town; when we got too cold and it got too dark to see, we went back to the office and addressed, signed, and stuffed envelopes. It was both hard and easy. A lot of people were still at work, but we talked to a slew of folks about who they’re voting for and how to do it. We talked to a Ukrainian woman who just became a nationalized citizen and will be voting for the first time. We talked to a cantankerous older gentleman who, though undecided, seemed equally unwilling to vote for Obama or McCain. We talked to a retired cop who uses a Minimed pump for his diabetes and has a son who served in Iraq. Except for one or two people, everyone was an Obama supporter - we even signed up a couple of people to help out during the Get Out the Vote effort. Everyone was glad to talk to someone about their position and get information about voting no matter what their choice.

The more people who take the time at this crucial juncture, the closer we get to changing the world. Think about that - you can help make a difference in the direction our country goes in this election. Even if you don’t have time to volunteer, VOTE. Every registered voter gets one opportunity to say their piece - make sure your opportunity doesn’t get missed.

Peace out,