I need help now!


So you need to take 3 units every 4 hours to cover your basal (.7 units/hour x 4 hours). This is rounding UP from 2.8.


Because you are rounding up on the basal I would only correct down to 140 mg/dl or so. To do this you need to take your blood sugar and subtract 140 from it. Whatever this number is divide it by the Sensitivity factor you have on your pump settings print out. The other way to do this would be to take 140 and add your Sensitivity factor to it until you reach whatever you blood sugar is. However many times you have to add that would be your total number of units for correction.


Do as you normally would here. You said you take 3-5 units per meal so continue doing this as normal.

If you do not need to correct just take the 3 units every 4 hours. If you do need to correct add three units to whatever you get above for correction. If you eat, add all 3 of these together. It is important that you do this only every 4 hours. Since you cannot take Lantus or Levemir you will need to continue doing this every 4 hours throughout the night. Any questions let me know. I am sure you do not need to be told it is highly important you check frequently.

Very weak Novolog?? How / Where / What is this? Do you water down Novolog? If so, then filling a syringe with the proper mix could be a challenge for sure.

You can just inject the weakened Novolog, and test test test until your new pump arrives.

We are all special :slight_smile:

When mine blew up, I copped all of the pump settings from the reports online. If you have updated your pump any time recently w/ the 722/ Carelink thing (which is the same on the new ones…), it will show you what they are. I think I did about +50% my TDD and did ok but I did a ton of correction shots and, since it was 4th of July, eating a lot worked out too? I didn’t bother trying to track down the doctor or answering service as it was 8:00 on Saturday, July 2, about 88-90 or so and I had just run 10 miles. I was like “GET BASAL” and the Novolog was the quickest solution, although almost as expensive since I didn’t have an RX. Of course, I could have gone to convenient care and gotten an RX but that would be $200 MORE dollars (plus another copay…) and I had a 7 lb pork shoulder roast ot get roasting for carnitas.

The bigger clinicker clinic that is not convenient might have Saturday but I suspect that the docs chart would have been similar? Come to think of it, we actually run up there so it may have been more convenient but I was running on adrenaline by then.

I wasn’t sure if Doris’ original post also had to do with getting another pump too, although we’ve all glommed onto the “what do I do NOW” thing which was very immediate for me. I also pointed out to MM that if they’d arrange it, I’d buy a 523/ the newer model which would have made them more money but “those people aren’t in today” so neener neener to them.

Peetie they do the weaking of the insulin at the pharmacy. I have found that over the years I’ve become too dependent on the pump. I was freaking out when I first put this up. Calmer now I blew fuses left and right all day long. I mean I honestly didn’t know which way to go when it happened to me. I know all the prodical but my mind was bugging out!

Good to hear that you are doing better. So glad you had friends on here to help.

The EXACT situation happened to me last week! Aughh!I It really is a huge inconvenience and you realize what a great friend your insulin pump is! I just checked my blood sugars every 3-4 hours and bolused (as pump would) according to my blood sugar if over 150 and covered my carbs (as my pump would) with shots every 3-4 hours after I checked my blood sugar. I only used my Humalog insulin. I did not take any long-acting insulin so I could hook my pump up right away and not have to worry about any “extra” insulin that would still be there. My pump from Minimed was at my door at 10:30am the following day (a Satuday too)! If I would have had to go more than 24 hours without my pump I would have wanted to have some long acting insulin on board though. Minimed was great having a new pump to me the very next morning! Good luck…you will have your pump shortly and your life will be a “little easier” being insulin dependent! ;0)

Thanjk you Acid! Like I just told Peetie I was freaking out all day. Yes the thought of a new scrip for only a few hours was blowing my mind. I’ve relized how dependent I’ve bacame on the pump over the years. I used to do all the calulating and stuff myself but I kinda hit a block wall there for abit.

Yes I will be ordering another pump next month after totally losing it with MM They are going to send me a loaner pump for 90 days by the 18 (I think it is) of next month my insurance says I get an upgrade from a 721 to whatever I order (theire been like 2 upgrade since I got my last one)

You know I really didn’t think about how much of a friend my pump was til it quit. Like I said I blew fuses for most of the day! Now with a clearer head I got to thinking about doing JUST what you said. I’ve been doing it all afternoon now (I told my husband I forgot how much I hated shots LOL) Yes MM is great about getting another pump out tomorrow. I just felt lost all day without it and really upset when it first happened. I’m hoping from your post that mine gets here by 10:30 am. It would be a weight off my shoulders. LOL!

I COULD’T figure out what to do when it first took out! LOL!

@ Karen The pharmacy does this for me. See how dependent I’ve gotten on things?

Doris…I pray , my copy and paste suggestion about shots when pumping does not work etc. yesterday did not get toooo confusing …that was not my aim …hugs , N.

Nel it did at first. I was busy blowing fuses left and right…well after pumping for solong I really didn’t know WHAT THE SAM HILL to do but now I’m laughing at myself for even saying what I said b/c it makes no sense for me to sound that desparate but oh well LOL! Thank you my friend your copy and paste was good. It just took me about 3 hours to get ahold of myself to where I could understand it. Yep THAT upset! LOL!

I didn’t mean to put down your copy and paste, Nel. It was really nice of you to post it for her To me it was confusing, more so because it was in your number system instead of ours, but it sounds like it was helpful to Doris, and that is what counts!

Dear Doris and Zoe…are we learning here on TU ??? …my answer : yes, .yes , yes !!!
I need to remember: our Canadian numbers times 18 …:slight_smile: is yours and please don’t forget : " I speak with an accent " as well ( other than Canadian !! )

OK Freak out time over. My loaner pump finally arrived this morning around 10:30. Now I know how and what to do!


Hey, glad it all worked out, Doris!

Zoe I’m sorry if I came off…well…not nice then but I was totally on freak out mode! LOL!

No, I didn’t get the impression you were being “not nice” at all…just stressed (understandably!)

Boy was I stressed. I also got totally upset with all my healthcare team. My husband was glad to see it come today…I, errrrrr, kinda told him what I thought about the whole thing. He told me today that now maybe I wouldn’t be so bitchey as I was for 3 days. LOL!

PMSing? pump malfunction stress? Glad you got your pump - I know how important that is to you.

LOL! That’s a good one! Never thought of that! Thanks Kelly!