Needing to vent

Okay so the honeymoon is over and I did an overnight stay in the short stay wing at the hospital over the weekend and now, I’m running higher and higher and higher. Tonight I hit an all time high and my meter just said hi. I looked it up and when that happens I’m over 600 which is horrible. I corrected and came down but I’m having the same problem of staying in the 200’s. I’m going to call my endo tomorrow and see him, but I just needed to vent. These nighttime highs are just driving me f-ing nuts! I just want to scream! I think it’s time to adjust my insulin and think about a pump.

Thanks for letting me vent…


Yes a pump will help. Do you use a 24hour background insulin?

Yep. I’m currently on 15u of lantus 2x a day. I’m thinking that because my morning numbers look so good that it’s just I need more insulin at night. I did my average this afternoon of my before noon numbers not including my numbers from when I just wake up and my average is 130. Compared to my afternoon, 3- bedtime numbers which average 260. I’m gonna give all this info to my endo tomorrow so we can up my insulin. I really don’t want to fork out the money for a pump right now. I just need my diabetes to take a vacation for awhile!

Hang in there Elizabeth. It must be very scary and frustrating. This D is usually trial and error till we find what works best. I wish you luck.

Glad to hear from you because I was worried after your last post with those highs. So sorry to hear they’re continuing. Have you tried cutting back your carbs some?

I have nighttime highs also. After dinner kills me because I have gastroparesis. Takes forever for my stomach to digest, so I have highs many after eating. Two hours, four hours are fine, but then spikes. Increasing bolus didn’t work because this caused lows. I now bolus 20 minutes after dinner & my endo switched me to Humulin Regular because it works slower & sticks around longer. This helped me tremendously. I have Apidra to correct highs quickly.

Know how frustrating it is.

I remember my first “HI” - scary, and unexpected, and it really hit me hard. I don’t think there’s been a time in my life that I’ve been more frustrated than after my honeymoon ended… my life went from “hey, this isn’t so bad, I can do this” to “OMFG what is wrong with me!!!”

Hang in there, becuase it does get a little easier… and remember that 200’s is better than “HI” and it’s okay to take more insulin if you need to, just be careful not to “stack” corrections.

I need more insulin at night and I always have… combined with a fairly strong DP, it’s an interesting challenge to deal with on MDI… it’s one of the main reason I want to get back on a pump soon.

What you are going through is certainly scary/frustrating/infuriating - and pretty common. It is really hard to get the hang of mechanically doing what your body used to do without your ever noticing. Hopefully you have a good endo/CDE to guide you through a difficult and challenging process.

Hang in there, take lots of notes and try to be patient. It will work out. Be sure to also share your thoughts, as there are many folks here who have had similar experiences and want to help out.

Okay so I just came back from my new endo’s office and we are going to try and increase my I/C ratio for the afternoon and see if that corrects my issue. I just don’t see how it’s possible to go from an extreme high six hours before bed of 400-600 and then wake up like I did this morning at 108. It just doesn’t make sense!!!

I forgot to ask when I was at his office, is there a “loaner” service where you can try before you buy insulin pumps? I’m beginning to come around to the idea of a pump…