I need to do fasting blood work but keep going low and having to eat. help!

Hi everyone
I have a quick question I need to do a fasting blood work but my bs keeps dropping no
Mater what I shoot or eat I still drop! I really wanted to get this done today because
It’s for my insurance for my insulin pump the sales rep wanted to get it pushed throw
Before the beginning of the year said that the insurance is more lenient right now.
Do anyone have any ideas about how to keep my bs up and still not eat or drink anything
I know it’s kinda of a stupid questing but any feedback would be great!
Thanks a lot.

Could you take less long acting insulin the night before the test and have a snack before midnight? Before I got on the pump I found that having peanut butter and crackers as a snack before bed would help keep my sugar up during the night. Now that I’m on the pump I can set my basals so I no longer have that problem.

i didn’t think about cutting back on long lasting insulin. ill try that and the peanut butter. the lows are pretty bad in the 20s and 30s.

Good luck. Which pump are you getting?

hopefully the animas ping i want the green one. lol

I agree w/Liz: “take less long acting insulin the night before the test and have a snack before midnight…having peanut butter and crackers” could stabilize you to get you out the door and to the lab. Peanut butter because of protein and crackers for a bit of carbohydrate. But not a whole bunch! Two saltines with a teaspoon of Pb in between has held me over. Just don’t overdo it! Another bedtime snack favorite is cereal and milk - a half cup cereal covered in milk will hold me over and enable me to gather enough energy to get me out the door to the lab the next morning. Good luck!

Agree , what has been suggested …is it an 8 hour fast : random BS , A1C , fasting BS ? …it’s better to be a bit higher than the norm in this case …can someone drive you to and from the lab …just in case you are around 90 and some what low to drive safely ?
All the best for 2010 .

ya my dad is going to drive me so i don’t have to worry about being low. i think its a 12 hour fast :frowning: for A1C and C-peptide and a few others.
thanks everyone for all the help. I’m definitely going to try taking less long lasting insulin and try eating a little before bed.

Yes, I always decrease my long acting insulin or my basal rate by 10% before fasting blood tests to avoid lows.

Good luck with pumping. I just started about a little over a month ago… I too have the Animas Ping, but in pink… it’s so much better than MDI’s! I had to do this when I was getting my pump and I didn’t take my evening dose of Lantus the night before and would correct highs with Novolog.

Ya I’m hoping that the pump will help me get better control over my diabetes
I’ve had diabetes for 7 years and I have not taken very good care of it but it’s time to
Stop denying I have it and start living with it lol.

Yeah, i was only diagnosed this past June and didn’t want the pump, because even still, I’m in denial that I have this disease, but… it’s pretty obvious that I do… sigh.

what I do when I have to have a fasting test is take about 10-15% less long acting and i got to sleep at like 8 at night so that when i wake up I can go straight to the lab and get the test

thanks everyone for all the help! cutting back on long lasting insulin and eating a few peanut butter and crackers helped a lot and i finally got my blood work done.

The good news of the day for you Dee and hope you get that pump !
All the BEST for 2010 .

Dee, I’m glad you were able to get the blood work done. I use the Animas 1250 pump and I really like it. I’ve been on it for three years now.

Awesome! Glad you got the work done!