I Port

I always wondered why there wasn’t a port available to people on MDI. They do

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yeah, they have for a long time.
i tried one out at an event last november, this lady talked me into it. for me totally unnecessary, but i understand there are kids/needle phobic people who might be glad about that…

I had one when I was having chemotherapy as my veins were shot.

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did you get your Chemo subcutaneous? or did you have a port a cath, which goes iv?

You can get a free sample of two each, of both the short and long ones, so you can actually try it before buying. I know you probably know that, because it says it on the web page, but wanted to mention it for people who didn’t click the link…

It wasn’t exactly easy to figure out how to insert it without reading the instructions and watching the video. I’d recommend watching the video before you try it.

I messed up the first one. You know, us guys never read instructions…:slight_smile:

For me it didn’t really server much of a purpose, so I did not end up using them, but I thought I should check it out.

The needle went into the port, it had to be done by specially trained nurses.

Yeah… I don’t see the viability of this.

While injection pain / phobia / etc. may be a problem for some tiny number of diabetics, the vast majority doing MDI are using 4mm 33ga needles and simply laugh when they see this whole thing. Some subset is wondering, “how do I hit that through my shirt?!?” :grin:

And then there are some real negatives… Those of us pumping know how much more of an injury to the skin a cannula inserted for 3 days is. Takes days to completely heal. An MDI needle puncture heals within hours.

There are much bigger risks of lipohypertrophy at port sites – same as with pumpers – than with individual injects scattered all over the body (even just a confined area like the belly).

Finally, there’s just the simple asthetic issue too… why walk around with something like that on you at the beach, gym, etc. when you’re NOT using a pump and gaining the advantages for the price of the inconvenience.

So, I just don’t see it.

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I could see this being useful if, say, your kid was sick and needed to get multiple mini-gluc injections on top of the insulin shots. Otherwise can’t see it.