I really believe that this is my new reality

I can’t take another day of this , high blood sugar! The symptoms that I get for high blood sugar have changed from feeling a little irritable and thirsty to a complete misery. When I’m high all I can think about is food ( and what can you really eat when high) I have eaten sugar free jell-o until I feel nauseous . It’s crazy how high blood sugar makes a person so hungry when the body is really craveing a release from that high and it makes your brain feel like you need food as if you hadn’t eatin in days. I really don’t think that all type 1 experience hunger with a high because when I told this to my Endo he looked at me like I was crazy ! This is my biggest problem , I cannot eat after 5:00 without haveing to 4x the amount of insulin that I usually would take about 2 weeks ago . For breakfast today I had 2 slice light bread with 2 eggs and 2 slice lowfat cheese and everything went as normal .Around 2: 00 I ate a can of tuna with another 2 slice of light bread and a diet coke and after I ate I felt more hungry that I did before eating . I have experienced this many times before and I know that this feeling where your stomach feels full but you just have the desire to wanna taste something has always been blamed on a bloodsugar higher that 250 . So when this happens it’s usually no big deal cause it used to only happen maybe once a month or so but now this is just my new normal , it happens every afternoon and after I get the afternoon reading back under 180 I go threw this all over again with dinner . Today after my tuna sandwitch I actually went to burgerking and ordered my daughter a kids meal and a side of onion rings ( which were meant for my daughter ) well I never eat that stuff . I felt like there was like a force controlling me , because I went and ate all of those onion rings and as I was eating them I just wanted more , so I ate my daughters left over fries too! I new that these things are very fatty but not to high in carbs , well I ended up testing a hour later and I was 350 , I took 3 units and then tested the next hour still 350 ( it was stuck like glue,if only a 80 could stick like this for me ) Now I know that I are a total of around 75 carbs and in the past I would take about 3 units for that ( in the evening it’s usually 1 unit for every 20 carbs ) well tonight I ended up taking a total of 14 units for 75 carbs ( and yes my basil is up from 1.20 to 1.30 ) and I just tested and I’m only down to 240 . It’s almost like I’m experienceing high blood for the first time cause it never used to make me feel this bad . When it stays high like this for this type of time frame from 5 until right now ( it’s 10 pm right now ) this is what I feel
The desire to just lay down in front of the tv , and even my bed doesn’t feel comptable , it feels so good as your drinking diet pepsi or water but after it leaves your mouth you just want more , I’ve had to chew gum nonstop just to prevent myself from eating ( and I usually am very strong ) and even getting up to make my daughter a snack is such a chore because when I stand I feel like I’m gonna fall over . She 's only 5 so she needs me for everything but last night I let jar brush her own teeth cause when I got outa bed I couldn’t even stand the feeling oft slippers against my feet . So finally I go to sleep , with a container of glucose tabs right next to me in arms reach while I sleep . We all know the experience of taking bolous after bolous to get a high down and then if finally comes down when you don’t want it to ( while your sleeping ) . I am so frustrated cause I can’t function like this I’m going back to college next month and if this continues I’m gonna have to give up that goal cause the last thing I can do with these types of nighttime highs is college work . I feel like my daughter is getting cheated because all I can handle when I’m high

(A little add in to the above )
What I meant to say at the end is all I can handle when I’m high is nothing ! This isn’t fair because I have so much zest for life and so many goals I want to achieve and ad soon as that number stays between 250 and 400 for the next 5 or more hours I become this person that I hate . I become unmotivated , lazy, and the only thing that does feel good when the sugar is high is sleeping ! I feel like I’m like a drug attic ( and I’ve never even tried a single drug in my whole 32 years ) but if something is controlling how I feel and act then I think that I’m experiencing q
Something that is from the bodys need for more insulin and you can’t give to much at once you must be careful and get it down slowly !

French fries are pretty high in carbs. I don't like onion rings but I think a lot of restaurants sort of load them up with carbs too. I'd have guessed about 35-45 for what you are describing and I'd bolus for them if I were eating them.

I know it's hard. I had a wierd situation, pasta perhaps compounded by stress/ feud w/ 13 y.o. pushing it to 180 meter/ 130 CGM going up so I figured well, I have 4U on board, popped 3U IV b/c I didn't want to mess around getting up to 300 and wasn't sure how the pasta ("nice dinner, family favorite....") would go now am like 80 w/ 2.5U still chugging away but don't want to eat a lot at bedtime...hmm, beer? I've had a lot of crazy highs lately, although I am sort of a psycho and to me, 130 is a crazy high. I am sure that you are very stressed by the situation too. And, as much work as a 5 year old is, the stress doesn't go away with a "lower maintenance" 13 year old...

I ***always*** want to "taste something" but it usually involves 4 hours of work to "clean up" the "messes" from eating a lot.

Wow, rough night for both of you!

Marie, sounds as if it's time for you to do some basal testing, etc. If you use a pump, do you have the book Pumping Insulin? It has great instructions/guidelines for how to determine how to adjust your basals, ratios, etc. Do you have an endo? Sounds as if it might be time to see her/him or a diabetes educator.

I've been having a lot of problems with highs lately despite taking a ton of insulin. It's very frustrated and I agree that it makes you so hungry yet you don't want to eat! I also seem to have problems where I correct and correct and then like six hours later all the insulin kicks in suddenly and sends me low. The few times I do get in range the smallest mistake will make me go high again ...

Sweetie, Highs are not a new reallity. such as in" forever". YOU will HAVE to change your basals and do some research in to how to use your pump...Do you use accurate carb counting? Do you use square wave and dual wave bolusses for high fat plus high carb meals?...
Yes, high blood glucoses make me and a lot of people VERY hungry, as the body is starved for food.:, High blood glucose prevents the nutrients and feelings of saiety ( fullness) from getting In.

You are a college student and probably very smart. DO some studying for YOU. When your little one is asleep or at school, take a few hours to read Pumping Insulin. Go online, research how to set and reset your own basals, insulin sensitivity factors and the like. Neither the doctor nor the CDE will do it for you. Since you are young and still having the" red geranium bloomings" ( monthlies); see if that has anything to do with your need for more insulin. ( I was more insulin resistant during that time).. It will take trial and error and study..You will probably be able to lower your own blood sugars, but it will take time and study, just like it will for the degree you want to get. Don't beat yourself up and take it slowly, step by step. the Pumping Insulin book has plenty of charts that you can use. It can be ordered on Amazon, usually pretty cheap, or maybe from your local library.

I still get an "apparently "random" high for which there is no immediate explanation, but I can usually trace it back to inaccurate carb counting or bolussing. I find that I may not have used the square wave and dual wave bolusses accurately for high fat/ high protoein meals that are combined with carbs ( like the fast food meal you listed) . Such a meal can throw me off for 6 hours or more if I do not check and check and bolus in incremental dosages. so I generally avoid it, and if I must eat fast food, I do a cheese buger ( not anything crusty.coated fried) and toss the bread. I just got a replacement for my broken CGM after two months of absence due to an insurance change. It will help a lot, but you can adjust without it.The Calorie king book , which has nutritional values and carb counts,is great and is small enough to carry around. Most book stores will have it and it too is not expensive..

Now do you do injections to correct? I am sure it was mentioned on this post, but after a pump bolus corrections, a set change, and two consectutive over 200 highs within 3 hours; I will inject a very small amount of insulin ( follow the IOB -insulin on board- reading from the pump). This will usually get me down quickly, but you have to watch and wait, with constant blood sugarr checks.

Now I just do not do signinigicant carbs at all after 6p.m. unless I have had a very active day. I notice you reported that you did the "sandwich thing" with two slices of bread for two of your meals. I do not eat bread hardly at all.. and that seems to work for me. I eat beans and veggies..with my meats..I find if I have normal blood suagrs, I do not crave bread, actually do not want it. Plus, Gerri on this site has given me several low-carb bread recipes that are delicious..but the ingredients may be a little pricey if you are on a fixed income. But they can be made in bulk and frozen to make them last longer, which is what I do.

So there are many strategies and techniques to get out of the feeling that you are "doomed" by high blood sugars.. It is not your reality, Marie. You can make the changes to get lower blood sugars. I am not saying it is easy. It isn't. But the efforts are well-worth the results that I know will come for you As the Nike ad says " Just do it!"

God Bless,

Hope I wasn't too wordy, dear.., I just do not want you to think it is hopeless.

God bless,

Just one piece of advice....support the Faustman lab!

Right on Gary!!!

Hang in there, Marie! I know you can do this. I've been struggling too with high blood sugars across the board and was feeling pretty helpless too...shed a few tears, then took a deep breath and decided to start over. Go back to basics. Measure everything you eat. Carry a small carb count book. Log your numbers, food, insulin. I read Pumping Insulin and Think Like a Pancreas. Then I faxed my log to my endo and he changed my basal and ratios for all meals. That seems to be helping already although I'm still not where I want to be.

I don't know what your insurance situation is but if you can get a CGMS it will help you see which foods your body spikes highest with so you can avoid those foods.

Remember you're not alone. Everyone here can empathize with you because we live it too. I know what it's like to have a 5 year old while you're trying to figure all this out. That's the biggest regret I have in life - that my daughter had to live through this. But now she's in grad school studying to care for children with autism and other disabilities...so maybe being exposed to my struggle has made her the kind, caring, empathetic person that she is. I'm sure your daughter will admire your courage in watching how you stand up to these challenges.

I am with jrtpup and recommend basal testing (two days with 1/2 day fasting to cover all 24 hours). What if your pump has some sort of technical problem or by accident you have modified or switched your basal profile?

I know exactly how you feel because this is what I'm going through, it is very frustrating but with time it will get better, I agree with everyone here if you use a pump try changing the basal use the extended bolus for meals use the temp basal, thats what I did and its working through alot of trial and error but it's better than just waiting to see if everything will fix on its own. I'm nowhere near my goal but my sugar is not going above 180mg after meals this is new to me because I was always over 240mg after meals it's great improvement and it takes a lot of hard work but it's possible, I have 2 daughters, a husband who eats like an ogre lol! a dog use to have 2 but one ran away ;( I have to take care of a lot of ppl and then myself its possible takes a lot of work but it pays off in the end. There are a lot of helpful groups on here I feel as though I'm new to D (although I've had it for 21yrs) because there is a lot new things I have learned from this site! hope everything starts getting better for you :)