Holy Crap

Raise your hand if you want to eat one of everything when you have a low BG, especially a severe low. Good. GRIEF. It’s been this way my entire life. (since I was diagnosed at 9 anyway, which at this point is almost my entire life) I just woke up low. I pump and I’m 100% certain the low was my fault (which is beside the point). Anyway, I want to eat one of everything in the fridge and cabinet. I really have had times before when I would have to dose before it was all said an done. I talked myself into refraining THIS time and am beginning to have rational thought process again.

I had this issue when first dx. But I hated the reactive highs even more. So I sorted it by only having pre-measured hypo doses around the house. Like mini cans of Coke (15.9g), never whole cans. Mini packets of jelly babies, never the whole bag. If something isn’t available in individually wrapped portions, I weigh and decant into little plastic bags.

I actually get very nauseated by extreme lows so it is tough making myself eat anything. Not to say that I have never over-corrected in 39 years of diabetes or 17 years on the pump, but as far as wanting to eat everything around, that’s not me.

YES!!! When I am low, I am very shaky. I want to continue eating until the shakes are gone, even if my level has already gone up. So, I usually will have one of those little Juicy Juice boxes. They’re 15 carbs and perfect for me when I am low. Just got to remember the end result when wanting to stuff your face full (:

I am with Lila. I am more concerned about the result of eating everything. I can get a low up in a short time, but getting a high down takes hours, and sometimes days. Especially if the high was associated with a low, which caused liver action. I keep apple juice in the house for that purpose. I don’t really like it, so I drink just what I need and no more.

The thing that gets me is the skittles I keep in my purse. If I need to open that gladware, I will sometimes overdo.

I agree the urge to overeat is VERY powerful. I have kind of moved away from 15G servings and have found that a lot of times, if I’m patient, 5-7 jellybeans/ Skittles will do the trick while a 15G “bomber” will spike me.

Oh man, I would have to agree with you. Even once I’ve corrected my low and am feeling a bit better I keep on eating! My most recent spectacular low which happened at a pool with me trying to show off my pump in a bikini (trying to build my confidence) ended with me at my parents place scrounging to the point that me Dad yelled "Catherine! Put the spoon down and walk away from the jar of nutella. Needless to say, I gave myself a nice high after that.

It seems like that urge to eat is like an “unstoppable rebel force” that will bring down even the strongest of willed! I have to keep reminding myself highs feel just as nasty as lows and put down the jar of mashmellow fluff!

Speaking as one who’s constantly at war with her diabetes team over off-book hypo treatments…

I don’t think Nutella is an approved hypo treatment!

I would just eat or drink all the preportioned stuff. I have to really dig deep to not to overdo it.

Yes, “unstoppable rebel force”. I like that. It’s as if my body has been taken over.

Well, at about five-ish this morning, I woke back up and discovered that I had indeed given myself a nice hight BG. Hopefully it’s corrected by now after my bolus. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem.

Lol, nope it isn’t, but it sure is delicious!!

Yea, I noticed that jelly beans work quickly, but in the middle of the night, with a severe low, I can’t always think clearly. Mushy brain from the low, along with groggy brain from sleep…man talk about a werewolf coming out. Luckily last night night I only had a banana, peanut butter, and three cherries.

It’s not that I’m unconcerned, it’s that I almost cannot control it. Luckily, high readings are pretty easily corrected for me, but I hate those too. They make me feel like I’m walking in quick sand.

I think Nutella is a great hypo treatment! :slight_smile: Though I agree - I want to keep eating until the shakes have gone away. I have to work very hard to hold myself until I feel normal again.

Yeah, I have a lot of trouble with overeating for lows-especially at night. Sometimes as my blood sugar is coming up to normal, I will actually start to feel shakier/weaker before I feel better. I wonder if anyone else has this problem. I use an omnipod too.

I’m a new T1 and I totally get this! The first time I was low I stood in the kitchen shoveling some of everything in my mouth. All I wanted was that “feeling” to GO AWAY! I have since learned–it WILL go away…just breathe through it, treat with one carb serving, retest in 15 mins and go from there. Since I’m trying to watch my caloric intake and drop some lbs I try to treat with glucose tabs for 60 calories or fruit snacks at 80 calories.

Another thing I do is when I’m low, I don’t walk into the kitchen!! HA HA!!! I just have my treats with me :slight_smile:

For me, it depends on the kind of low. Sometimes I have nauseous lows, and I find it hard to eat anything when that happens. But sometimes I have hungry lows and when those happen, yes, I can eat all the contents of my refrigerator. I’ve noticed that the “hungry lows” are more likely to occur in conjunction with exercise. I can never really pin down what specifically causes a nauseous low for me, but when they happen, they really scare me because I have to practically force myself to swallow juice or food. What I hate about the hungry lows is that the hungry feeling persists even once my BG is up, and that then causes me to eat more, thus resulting in a wicked rebound high.

Usually I’m pretty good at sticking to the toddler sized box of Juicy Juice, but sometimes I totally fail…

Question: what do y’all do when you get a low in the middle of eating? This has happened to me when I’ve mistimed my bolus.

The other day, for whatever reason, my insulin kicked in waaaay faster than what I was eating, and I hit 40 as I had just started eating. (I must have been ~65-70 when I bolused, I guess; that’s not low for me and I didn’t actually test before dinner…) So I slurped a juice box, because dinner wouldn’t have jacked me up fast enough… and then I had to bolus for the juice. Sigh.

I do. I rarely feel myself going low anymore but get intense symptoms when I am on the way back up. Makes it very hard to stop eating! Luckily I have had a CGMS for a while which helps figure this type of thing out but really has made lowss MUCH less frequent.