I saw the endo

who basically echoed what my pcp told me. He also did not think my blood sugar numbers (126-139 am fasting, and well over 200 2 hr after many meals) were “that bad”, he declined to do any more thyroid testing because he didn’t see the need for it. Agreed with the pcp that I am “not quite diabetic” but also agreed to keep me on metformin, and wanted me to take a statin (lipitor)

I have a serious concern with taking a statin. Did i tell anyone I wasn’t planning on ever having children? no. Not only that statins have never been proven to improve mortality in women in any study that has so far been done. Another concern: memory and cognitive impairment (that’s something I am ALREADY seeking treatment for, I don’t need to take a drug that might make that worse) and potential rhabdomyalyasis. So, no, I am not taking the statin.

Of course, I will probably not tell them I am not taking the statin, I do not want them to write “uncooperative patient” on the records I cannot see and cannot correct.

Why do I think my lipids are higher than they want them to be? Untreated hypothyroid. But of course, they won’t do any more bloodwork to test for that.

I really need to see another endo and get another pcp.

Still trying to manage with diet and metformin alone. Doing better with the metformin er, staggering the dose, and keeping my carbs low is helping me keep the blood sugar more or less level, but I still have occasional spikes as high as 170’s to 210’s, and most mornings my fasting is in the 120’s. I still think I am seeing a swift deterioration in my glucose control, and I am worried, and i am worried that my doctors don’t seem to be worried.

And I am worried about this study that they had to stop because of deaths.


Now, were these people taking Actos or Avandia? or a statin to “improve their lipids”? because there are known issues with all fo these things. I am taking issue with the idea that tight control in itself is bad. Why do I not deserve to have the ability to control my glucose to unimpaired numbers? Blood sugar levels that will not damage my nerves, eyes, muscles, skin and heart? And they will trumpet this clearly flawed study to all the doctors in the land, and no one will want to help me keep my blood sugar as low as I want to keep it.

I still check Jenny’s Diabetes Update Blog every day and sleep with Dr. Bernstein’s book under my pillow every night. I am angry that I cannot get solid mutual help from my doctors to help me fight this thing.

Wonder what my next a1c will look like. Sigh.