Endo recommending stop Glipizide

I’ve been on Glipizide for 5 yrs+. Seems to work for me big time. My A1c has drifted lower from 6.4 to 5.9. Latest test last week it 5.2. These results might be anomalous as my whole body is recovering from triple by-pass 6 weeks ago and everything is out of wack. Went to my endo for thyroid issues, and she went off on my continuing to use Glipizide. She went on, fairly strongly, how Glipizide is tied to increased risks to death from heart diseases. The literature clearly mentions the risk, but not to the urgency the Endo evidenced. My cardiologist hasn’t weighed in yet, he’ll be the ultimate decision maker, but I’m wondering if any of you have received similar warnings about Glipizide

@chris07732 I heard similar rantings from my Endo. I think she was more upset about the serious hypos I experienced though.

Sorry on your cardiac issues. I did not like taking glipizide due to too many lows. Do you take metformin? Nancy50

My lows are self induced, typically skipping/delaying lunch. Also, I’m fairly tuned to the beginnings of a low episode. I think I can handle the downside risks of Glipizide. What I don’t understand is why my cardiac issues caused the Endo to get on her high horse and push against Glipizide. My cardiac issues were due to arterial blockage, which I understand from my surgeon are 2/3rds due to hereditary and 1/3 to personal habits Not glipizide

@chris07732 I would guess that your endo is worried about some of the less common side effects which might mask a coronary event.

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