I screwed up badly

Twice on MDI, once with vial and syringes and once with pens. Both times using Humalog instead of Lantus, made for a wild ride.

When on multiple injections, I would use a vial w a syringe for lantus and a pen for humalog. That way I wasn’t likely to switch them. Back in NPH days I never switched them because nph is cloudy


During my 64 yrs of being a type 1 and having never been on a pump, I think I have done this once if I am remembering correctly.
I keep my pens in separate drawers. I have forgotten to give my basal insulin a couple of times.


Plus I did the combined-shot thing back then, so it was more obvious what I was doing.

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Me too, but had forgotten about that!!

I think we were instructed to withdraw Regular first, then NPH.

Me too!

I did a combined injection in the morning. Then only regular for lunch if any usually I didn’t need it.
Then combined for dinner and 2 units nph at bed time

It weird to think about it now.
It was a big transition to not mixing insulin when the newer ones came out.


I started in 1965 on single injection Lente each morning. Later NPH + Regular, then pump with Reg, then pump with current insulins (Humalog, Novolog)

I had a short stint on ultra lente and humalog. It worked very well

@MapleSugar, I feel 'ya. All my stockpiles are depleted as well.