It isn't funny, but it is

In ten years of pumping, I have never had this happen! Got up this morning at 294. Pulled the pump out of my pocket and input a correction dose. Then I felt wetness near the infusion site and this is what I found. No wonder my glucose level was so high.

Ever seen anything like this? I have been trying to use new real estate on my body for the infusion. This one was on my upper thigh.

Wow the glue didn't hold...;-(

Last year I had two QS that just disconnected on there own, they where both from the same box.

Hmmm. Thanks, JohnG. I am leaving for three weeks in Europe and want to make sure I bring sets from a new box.

You might have saved my vacation! :D

Wow, that's a new one! Nope, never seen that.

I have not seen that one, but I have had the cannula come out beneath the tape so you cant see it. Usually the insulin smell and high sugars clue me in.
On my Animas pump I had the luer connector come off without me knowing it many times. My mm pump has a different connector so that doesn't happen any more.

I have also completely pulled out the set at night and didn't know until my pump started alarming, too late though, I was already over 200.

I had one pull out once and will keep the circumstances to myself. Plus, it was a long time ago and the adhesive in the infusion set was not nearly as good as today. And, I could change it out easily, so no problem.

Actually, knowing exactly why my glucose level was 294 was OK. It is when I have no idea that I freak!

Did anyone call the manufacturer? I did not.

I lost an infusion site, probably about a month ago...the ONLY one. And it's like the adhesive lost its stickyness. Strang. That was the one and only one though.

This is an excellent idea. I just got back from a trip, but next time I will make sure to do that. And insulin from different batches if I have it.

I just lost a site last week...on vacation, no less. Went to bed at 121 (gave a small correction) and woke up at 265! Went to give myself a correction and suddenly my nightgown was wet...apparently the site had just pulled out shortly before I woke up. Very weird, because I use a barrier tape (tegaderm) and attach the site through the tape...the tegaderm was still attached, but the sticky tape on the quickset had detached from the tegaderm. Never had that happen before.

And while I've never had the situation pictured above, I've occasionally had a problem reconnecting...anyone else have that happen with quicksets? It's not often, but really frustrating when it does happen, especially if it's just after I changed the site.