I smell insulin! And we all know what it smells like

Ok I have been on the pump since April. Life is so much better. I change my sites regulary. I have not had any problems with any kind infections. I love my pump. Love it, Love it.

The one thing I do notice is a smell of insulin. Everytime I smell it I check my infusion line to assure that it is secured. I do change my sites regularly 3 days. I do the tug up-tug down thing on the tubing to assure that it is secure. I check the site for any possible leakage. Nothing.....Snug as a Bug.

Is is possible that a commenly used area as the abdomben could have a saturation under the tissue? And I am smelling it.

Have you ever noticed it?

when u smell the insulin check the actual line coming from the plug for both the infusion set clip and the clip that plugs on to the reservoir, im talkin bout the tubing not the clips, i have had prolly 3 tubes get pulled or bent enough were it got broke and started to leak insulin and of course it made my sugar go up and up and also smell really bad

My husband said it smells like band aids, have you ever accidentally tasted it? Very yuck!

I have…barf-o-matic

I agree it does smell like band aids.

I sometimes smell insulin when I have my pump in a shirt pocket. I discovered it is the top of the pump - for me an Animas Ping and it is around the cap and lock where the tubing goes in. I think when I make sure the air is out of a cartridge and put the lock on the cartridge, I usually push a bubble of insulin up and it can fall over the top. In other words, it can be on the top of the cartridge and over time I think the smell can get on the rubber cap. Hope you understand what I’m saying. Sometimes I smell it worse than others so I just think it’s from the hook up process as described. Only once did I find a crack or leak at the top of the tubing next to the lock. It was faulty.

Got to agree. It smells like band aids. Tasted it ? Yep done that too WON’T do it again

I thought it was sauce for food on the counter (I had just refilled my reservour) so I dabbed my finger in it and popped it in my mouth…Wont ever do that again. It made me gag and there isnt much that can make me do that.

Amazing how that which keeps us alive doesn’t have a strawberry/cool whip flavoring…just in case (That would be ironic to say the least)

I just HAD to taste it after I was diagnosed. Heck I thought it would taste better than it smelt but bot was I wrong!!! LOL!

It smells like band-aids but I’ve never done a smell test. That’s a brilliant idea.

when in doubt throw it out!!! replace all of it… res, tubing, infusion set and insulin! just my two cents :o)

the area of my pump that holds the reservoir always smells like insulin, so i guess the scent just kind of escapes a little bit over time

unless your bg’s are out of whack, i wouldn’t pay much attention

I never thought about it smelling like band-aids. To me it smells like liquid Lysol.
When I catch a whiff of it, it is usually coming from infusion site. Just a little bit of back-seepage. Never have had any problems though. Except once, when the cannula had come out completely, when I was wearing my site at the top of my butt. I felt it trickling down and then smelled the insulin. It was the only time that has happened.

I agree, smells a lot like band aids.

Never bothered to taste it though… that can’t be good for you!

What does it taste like…? I’m not exactly inclined to try it out myself.

Yeah that’s what I thought exactly was the smell of a latex glove. Plastic and latex. Anyway whats with you guys tasting it? Are you like the kids in my kindergarten class that ate glue. ewww what were you thinking? You just wish you had oral medication. =)

i think it smells like it taste lol i think i’d rather eat glue

lol, too true