Does anyone smell Insulin from their pump?

I have the One touch Ping and I have noticed a smell of Insulin every once in a while. Does anyone else get that smell? I have checked my pump, sight and tubing and everything is dry, no kinks or cracks in my line. Does anyone know what this could be? I change my sights every 3 days and I have noticed it more on the 3rd day, then any other day.
Any advice or input anyone can give me would be great. I have only been on the pump for about a month.

I have been using the One Touch Ping for almost 3 years, and I haven't noticed the smell. I wonder if your problem might be the brand of infusion set or tubing. I should also add that I am 80 years old and have lost most of my sense of smell. Maybe the Animas hot line (phone # on the back of the pump) could help you locate the source of the smell.

Thanks Tom b. I use their undusion sets. I will call them tomorrow and see if they have ever heard of this happening.

I have smelled insulin when I prime my pump, or on the rare occasion that the cannula did not insert properly and wound up squirting a bolus on me, rather than in me :(

I check my site multiple times a day and I have never seen insulin or wetness and my bg levels are always in my target range. Its just weird that I notice it and my co worker noticed the smell today. :frowning:

i notice it when i am changing my tubing out and stuff. I had Medtronic before the Ping and I also noticed it with that one. I notice it where the cartridge goes. Guess i am just used to it and it doesn’t bother me anymore because i have checked and noticed no leaks so I don’t even bother to double check anymore.


I have that problem, especially in certain site locations or too long on an infusion set. I'm usually alerted by an unexplained high. When I add a correction, a can feel wetness around the site and the distinctive smell of insulin. Animas offered no suggestion, but doctor said it's a common problem. Probably a scar tissue issue or just a bad placement.

I've been using 9mm canulas for years (too long ago to remember if that is the reason why), but I just changed my order to the 6". Otherwise, a switch from straight to angled could be a solution. Hope you figure your issue out.