I stopped using dexcom CGM

I started using dexcom cgm March 2011 and I saw my H1c dropped down below 7 for the 1st time. Fast forward to May this year, I got an animas pump and I felt that i cant carry both of them and have stopped using the CGM. My questions; will you prefer to have a CGM or a pump and is there anyone who forgo a CGM when a pump arrives? By the way, my Insurance covers both 100%

I am using both a pump and CGM and I love both but if I had to make a decision I would definitely give up my pump before I gave up my CGM

I use both a pump and a CGM. The pump allows me to administer insulin in a way that is customized to my unique needs. The CGM, on the other hand, gives me invaluable BG and BG trend info.

I don't understand your reluctance to carry both devices. As far as I'm concerned they have both earned a place in my life. I would not want to give up either one. If I had to choose, I would give a slight edge to my CGM, but I sure would miss the convenience (and good memory!) of my pump. I would most likely, in addition to my mealtime bolus insulin, have to take split doses (two, maybe three) of Lantus or Levimer.

You know, the only time I was ever transported by ambulance to the ER was because I drew up fast acting insulin instead of basal insulin by mistake. I went to bed that night and the next thing I knew the paramedics were in my bedroom!

Do the arithmetic. If you take four shots per day, you'll take 1460 per year. The discipline, attention, and memory needed to be right 100% of the time is beyond me!

I would agree. I use the navigator (i pay myself) and the Omnipod. But if forced to would forego the pump first..

guys, where do you wear the to "insets"?
Before i stopped CGM, i wear the 2 insets in opposite side of my belly. That was probably one of the reasons why i sacrificed the cgm; the cumbersomeness of wearing the 2.
I am also waiting to see what H1c will be in July. if my H1c remains under 7 w/out the CGM, then i will stick to my decision to scrap use of it, if not i will resume its use.
I have 4 packs of the dexcom sensors unopened as well as 2 monitors. If i do decide not to resume cgm, i will give the sensors out and keep the monitors

Unfortunately the pump would have to go. Love both but if I had to choose it would be the CGM that I would keep.

Goodbye pump.

I've got Medtronics, still both sides of my belly but it only has the one dingus to lug around, along with the "aftermarket" meter.

I use Dexcom and OmniPod and love both. I am also somewhat hypo unaware so would never give up my Dexcom....especially since I've been using my Dexcom, my lows have mostly been eliminated because I can see the downward trend early and adjust. So that makes it worth whatever I have to carry.

I wear my Dexcom sensors on my upper arms - even though it's not FDA approved to wear them there, many people here do and I find the results to be more accurate than when I wore the sensors on my abdomen. I've worn my OmniPod on my arms before but lately have been doing a rotation of abdomen, hips, legs for my pump.

You may want to try some different sites for your cgm and pump instead of both on the abdomen to see if that makes you feel any differently. My husband calls me the bionic woman because of my "equipment" but I don't think about it much because it's mostly covered by clothes.

As far as carrying two devices, my OmniPod PDM is also my bg meter and I would have to carry a meter anyway. I think ladies have it easier because I stick the pump PDM in my purse and the Dexcom receiver in my pocket. I've never forgotten or lost either and it's just habit now.

I start patting myself down looking for where things are and when I wake up in the morning sometimes I have to pat the bedcovers to find my Dex receiver but it's always there.

You may just want to take a break from the cgm then try again with experimenting with different sites until you find something that works for you.

If one had to go, I would get rid of the pump. But it would be a tough decision. Stomach real estate is valuable.

I wear my CGM on my thigh to free up some of the real estate. I have heard of others who wear the sensor on their arms.

I wear the Dexcom on my butt. I like it better there as it is out of the way. I place it right about where the top of your back pocket would be. Because it is covered it seems to stay longer than when I had it on my stomach. On average I keep it 17-20 days before having to replace it. That said, you could try that site location since having the pump and CGM on the stomach is too much.

Smile - I'd like to start using alternate CGM sensor sites. Are you able to insert the Dex sensor on your arm yourself? Do you orient the sensor to align with the length of your arm or across it? Do you locate the sensor about halfway between your shoulder and elbow or closer to your shoulder? I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

I haven't tried the butt real estate yet. Will give it a try when/if i decide to give my cgm another try.
I think 10 yrs from now, when diabetic technology has improved so much, we will giggle at the thought that we carry those equipment and sensors around with us. It will be like a scene out of the cell phone tech advancement

100% coverage?! Unreal. I would definitely keep both. I don't know which I'd give up if could only have one. Pump would save me from lows caused from inconsistent absorption of long-acting doses and would eliminate daily jabs but Dex can avoid or minimize all kinds of lows as well as highs. Hard choice and fortunately not one you have to make!

I, too, would give up the pump first, but I can't see having to give up either one. As far as sites, I have my Dexcom on my belly above my navel, and the pump site below. I move them both side-to-side, hasn't been an issue for me. I wear the pump (Animas Ping) and the Dexcom both on my belt. Sort of like a chubby Batman, I guess!

I bet you go back to it :D

Even if it's briefly, and a once in a while kind of thing. I once heard someone infer that their CGM was ironically only useful right at the beginning of his time owning it, then once all those secrets were discovered and his belt was tightened he didn't feel a need to use it any more.
I wonder if you'd fall into this category?

Myself, I have a very very odd routine and lifestyle with my family time and work time. My rates change continuously, and it allows me to adjust on the fly, and so I love it.
I think I'm more in line with their perfect target market.

I have Dexcom and Medtronic pump, it does sometime get a bit combersome and some days I go back to Lantus/MDI to empty most of my pockets. I would not have too much of an issue pating with the pump, but I would never go without the Dexcom. When I don't have the pump I feel that I am giving a lot of shots throughout the day and bolusing is often inconvenient, but I can still maintian similar control (just with a bit more effort). Without the Dexcom I feel completely lost and am alway nervous and wondering where my BG is, I feel my control/safety would suffer greatly. I suggest that you try both for a while and if you don't like it you already know how to use MDI, so you should be able to switch back fairly easily.

Hi Terry, I orient the sensor to align with the length of my arm but it can go either way as far as which end is up and which is down. It usually depends on if my husband is home to help me. I can do it by myself if I make sure I put it where I can press the plunger and rock off the throat piece after it's inserted.

Usually I insert it and get my husband to pull off the throat piece after. I usually will sort of play with the placement before I take off the paper covering the adhesive.

I place the sensor closer to my shoulder around where my arm meets my body (even with the armpit area). If I do this, short sleeves will hide the sensor.

Good luck! I've been using the Dex since September, 2011 and have gotten really comfortable with the placement.

Hi, well I got to test drive a cgm, and absolutely loved it! Unfortunetly, i didn't get to get one myself. My insurance at the time wouldn't cover it. NOW I do not have insurance so it may be forever until I get a chance to get one. :( Be thankful for the blessings that you have now, and use everything you can to make sure your life is as normal as possible.

Thanks, Smile. I think I'll try this for my next sensor placement. I'm on my own with this process and it sounds like I could do the upper arm insertion myself. In order to pinch up the skin with only one useable hand to set the introducer needle, I think I can lean my arm against a wall corner. I appreciate your detailed description.